Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Absolutely, absolute

"Absolute power corrupts absolutely..."

John Dalberg-Acton

You would have to be living under a rock in Minneapolis not to have heard about this woman. When I first heard of her actions, I was speechless. Nobody could have that kind of gall. Then it hit me. Of course they can. When you live in a town that has had monolithic rule for decades, who is going to stop you? There are no Republicans in power in Minneapolis. Only Democrats. They are writing their own rules as they go. And it is going to get worse in the future.

Alondra Cano is a member of the Minneapolis City Council. Like many other liberals, she is out to right the past wrongs against black people in our history. Using that cover story (BLM), she can do anything, including violating privacy standards of citizens. By doing so, that alone should make her unfit to serve. But nobody in Minneapolis really cares. That is, except the people whose privacy she violated. However, enough about her. She is but small potatoes compared to what is going on in our nation's capital.

This week, it was been disclosed that our own spy agency (NSA), has been spying on our German allies, the Israelis, Jewish groups who sympathize with Israel, and (get ready for it) - certain members of Congress. If this is true, if NSA focused it spying where it should not be. If this was under the direction of the Administration, this would make what Richard Nixon did look like Tidley Winks. Of course when asked, Administration spokespeople said this allegation was patently untrue.

Here is my take. Whether it is some low level city administrator, or the top job in the country, without the proper checks and balances, power can get out of control. We know the antipathy some at the top have about those who disagree. We have seen that in Lois Lerner who directed the power of the IRS at right wing groups. We now see it in the power of the NSA who can snoop on members of Congress who are not in the President's party.

Normally, it is the Justice Department who can keep things on the straight and narrow. Attorney Generals who have respect for the rule of law and our governing Constitution. That being said, the current one, as well as her predecessor, are fine examples of do nothings. They may sit in the chair, but fulfilling the oath? That is another matter altogether. They should have subpoenas flying off their desks.

One final word before I sign off. It was reported this week the most respected woman in the world for the past 14 years is Hillary Clinton. Why? Don't know. And the most respected man in the world is President Obama. Again, why? Not a clue. 

It is easy to go to sleep. To just not care. By doing so, we get a woman who should be in prison as our most popular person - maybe next President. Remember what power can do to these people. Remember what the illusion of power can do to us. Power corrupts. It corrupts absolutely. And that is an absolute.      

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