Wednesday, December 30, 2015

More or less, less for more

MNSure and ObamaCare are so screwed up right now, any story you hear about them almost sounds like fiction. But they are painfully true..."

Years ago, my Washington DC customer and I became very good friends. I would mostly travel to Washington to conduct business, but now and again he would visit my company in the Twin Cities. We both loved good Chinese food, and had our favorite restaurants in both Crystal City, Virginia as well as Minneapolis.

The restaurant he liked to go to the most while in town gave generous portions at very affordable prices. And the food was always good. On time when he was visiting, we went to our favorite place for lunch. We had not been there for a while. My customer was a shrewd business guy. Graduated from Wharton Business College, and knew his stuff. When he ordered and his meal came, he noticed the portion was much smaller and the price was higher. He immediately asked to speak to the manager. When he complained, the response he got back was interesting - "Customers wanted smaller portions and at the same time we had a price hike". My customer looked at me and said, "Less for more. Is that a Minnesota thing?"

The news and the newspaper have been buzzing as of late about the woes of MNSure and its evil godfather, ObamaCare. It seems like (as my former customer would say), we are getting a whole lot less for more money. I went back and reread the promises of goodies we would receive if we only passed ObamaCare. I did not see the "less for more" promise in there.

It has been estimated we have spent over a quarter billion dollars getting the MNSure exchange to work as crappy as it is right now. Don't worry, much of that money was "free" as it came from the feds.

Some lawyer penned a letter to the editor today about a client he was helping. Seems the client had been "dumped" from his insurance for no reason. The lawyer was trying to contact MNSure over and over and over again using the phone tree. Every time he called, he had to jump through hoops to get a recorded message which said something like, "We are busy, call back later". No way to leave a message, nothing. Good-bye.

The product being offered by ObamaCare and MNSure is so bad right now, any private business would have scrapped it. In fact a private business who is in the exchange right now is thinking of doing just that. Keep your eyes on United Healthcare. If they pull the plug like they say they might, look for a stampede heading for the door.

Just as a reminder as we head into 2016, an election year. The two "signature" accomplishments of this Administration are (domestically) ObamaCare and (Internationally) the Iran nuke deal. ObamaCare is being held together with spit and gum and the price seems to go up every day. And in the Gulf, the Iranians are shooting missiles over our ships as they sit in international waters. 

In the past seven years we seem to have received less for more in just about everything. Remember that in November.  

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