Thursday, December 31, 2015

New year, same fear(s)

"May we all have a Happy New Year! (I hope...)"

2015 is winding down in a hurry. Like we only have hours to go. If I had to sum up the one event, the one feeling, or the one nuance which permeated this year, the thing which gave me my biggest fear(s) it is this - the razor's edge we sit on, balancing between freedom and security. And in 2015 I think we did poorly on both of them. Now this is my fear. Going forward, it could be the same thing all over again. Maybe worse. In the new year, same fear(s).

I have said this before, but I think it bears repeating. Many of my friends on the Left have a fear and loathing of Donald Trump. Some even have a visceral hatred for the man. I have explained my position to them on the "why" of the Trump candidacy. Barack Obama is giving us Donald Trump. They are the ying and the yang to each other. Many are so fed up with things getting worse and nobody doing anything, Trump's message resonates to that crowd.

Back to my fear(s) going forward. Unless something significant happens, Trump will continue to lead the field. Going into Cleveland, he could have the votes to win the nomination. And that is where I fear the party will end. I don't think Donald Trump is electable in the general. Hillary Clinton, who has won the most admired woman of the year for 14 years (please don't ask me why), will be out next President. Millions will plug their nose and pull the lever for Hillary. We will have another Clinton in the White House, warts and all.

If we do elect Hillary in 2016, how will our country look? It will look like more of the same. In many areas, she will be Barack Obama in a pants suit. She will go after our guns. Unvetted refugees will continue to stream into our country. Our southern and northern borders will continue to be wide open. Our military will continue to wane and our debt will continue to grow. The razor's edge we sit on between freedom and security will start to tip. We will have less freedom and less security. The Islamic State will look at us electing our second weak President in a row as an invitation to commit carnage and mayhem in this great country. 

What can we do to prevent another Clinton from being in the White House? For starters, we can practice the Buckley Rule - "nominate the most conservative candidate who can win." If that offends my friends who back Donald Trump, I am sorry. In my mind, I just can't see him winning. And as Chris Christie has said, "You can't govern if you don't win".

Many years in the past, I have looked forward to the new year with excitement and anticipation. Not this year. I look forward with great trepidation. New year, same fear(s). I wish I could say something different, but I can't. 

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