Tuesday, February 7, 2017

First 100 Days

"Today in February 7th and the silence is indeed deafening. Tax reform? IRS reform? ObamaCare repeal and replace? Anything?"

I don't know which to address on this issue. The first 100 days of the Minnesota legislative session or the first 100 days of the new Congress and President. So I will do both. First off, I will tackle Minnesota. I was very disappointed that the first thing accomplished was the bail out for families with high insurance premiums. Now before you think I have a heart of stone, please hear me out on why I feel this way.

The $320M bail out was only a temporary fix. Until MNSure and ObamaCare are either scrapped or undergo massive surgery, we will be back at the trough again next year. As much bluster as we have heard over the past few months about "pulling ObamaCare up by the roots and destroying it", is really nothing more than wishful thinking. The real cure for us to be rid of ObamaCare AND MNSure is nullification. Plain and simple. Sorry - I have said this before. I just don't see a quick end for ObamaCare.

Meanwhile, in Minnesota, our taxes are still a mess. This should have been front and center this session. Real ID and Sunday liquor sales should have been secondary issues. However tax relief is the 600 gorilla in the corner of the room. Our state tax needs to be lowered, our business tax needs to be lowered, our seniors should NOT have to pay tax on their Social Security, and the death tax needs to also be eliminated. We keep pouring good money after bad. We tax the socks off of people and then spend way too much of it on a failed government/Education Minnesota cabal called our education system.

On to the Feds. The House has been in session now for over a month. And prior to the month (since the election), the Speaker and the leadership team have had a chance to plan. To hit the ground running. Today is February 7th, and the silence is indeed deafening. Tax reform? IRS reform? ObamaCare repeal and replace? Anything?

Oh there has been some action for sure. A bunch of executive orders coming from the President who does not understand Washington molasses. But as far as Congress is concerned, some of us are getting that old nagging feeling that we have seen this movie before. That we don't know how to lead once we get in control. As a voter, what I was (and still am) looking for is a proactive approach, not a reactive one. In other words, Mr. Speaker - get busy. Try to wow our socks off for a change. 

By the way, one more word about my "pet rock". There are more and more representatives in both Washington as well as St. Paul who believe that any tax on Social Security is double taxation. If President Trump is looking for a stimulus in getting people more engaged in the economy, making Social Security free from any taxes would be a good way to start.

The first 100 days. Time is ticking. Voters are watching. Getting elected to represent us is a privilege, not a right. To put it in somewhat tawdry language - get your rear(s) in gear Washington! And the same goes for St. Paul!  

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