Monday, February 20, 2017

Rare in Minnesota

"What do I want? I want Minnesota to be ordinary. Not exceptionally unlivable due to stupid policies and laws." 

The mythical Mayor of Garage Logic would often say, "Minnesota - the state where absolutely nothing is allowed." True dat. Minnesota sticks out like a very blue sore thumb when it comes to many important issues. In fact when a friend of mine recently found out that Minnesota had a carry law for handguns, he was amazed. "Wow! I can't believe Minnesota would allow that!" Me neither - but I am glad we have it.

This week could be the week that we finally get over the Sunday liquor sales hump. I know, I know - other states have had it for almost forever. So what is up with Minnesota? Why has it taken this long? Good question. In fact, my opinion is we should leap frog the liquor issue on Sundays and then include it in a much larger bill. Yes, Sunday sales with wine and beer sold in grocery stores (gasp!).

What do I want? I want Minnesota to be ordinary. Not exceptionally unlivable due to stupid policies and laws. For example, I want our Social Security benefits to be tax free for seniors like so many other states do. This will help keep extended families closer.  I want Minnesota's top income rate cut in half so we can keep more high income people in this state. I want our corporate income tax of 10% to be cut in half so we too, can hang the "open for business" sign on our borders.

Minnesota is not in compliance with Real ID. Say what you want about the constitutionality of this issue, we are not even in partial compliance like liberal bastions such as South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas. Two of the other four states which are not in compliance are the deep blue states of Maine and Washington. Go figure.

I am sick of Minnesota always being a "one off" on issues. I want us to be ordinary. Not rare, but ordinary. I want to go into a Target on Sunday and buy a bottle of wine. And I don't want to be forced to move away from my kids and grand kids because my home state is taxing the socks off of me.

When I run into people from outside Minnesota, the most common question I get is not about our quality of life. It is how in the world could we be so stupid to elect Al Franken to the Senate - twice. And why in the world are our taxes so high? 

Having normal taxes should not be rare. Buying booze on Sunday should not be rare. Having normal congressional representation (unlike Franken and Nolan) should also not be rare - it should be common. Not in this state however. The state where "absolutely nothing is allowed." 

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