Sunday, February 19, 2017

Men for all reasons

"Watching one of President Trump's pressers, it is hard to choose who enjoys them more - the President or the crowds who come to see and hear him." 

They are so different. Yet in some respects, so similar. Yes, I am talking about Presidents Reagan and Trump. They both have (or in Reagan's case had) the ability to really speak directly to a crowd. Rather than have their messages go through the meat grinder and deep blue filter of the dishonest press, they could really speak to the people. Yesterday's presser down in Florida was once again, inspiring.

Now it is true that Barack Obama and Bill Clinton could also fire up their base. However, they also had the dishonest media slobbering all over them. Again, their message went through the deep blue filter of the press and often times came out looking like the Gettysburg Address. The difference between how a Democrat is covered and how a Republican is covered by the press is stark. Only someone who is deaf, dumb and blind does not understand the difference between the two.

During the presser earlier last week (the one which really got the media's underwear in a wad), was nothing less than fantastic. My favorite part was right in the middle of the presser, when many of the reporters were trying unsuccessfully to dissect the President. Donald Trump looked directly at the press and said, "How much time do we have left? I am really enjoying this." If as if someone told a bully, after the bully punched that person over and over again, "Is that all you got?" 

After this short time in office, here is how I think things are settling out. Who hates the President? Establishment Republicans. Progressives. The dishonest media. Takers. Status quo sheeple. Who loves the President? Just about everyone else. When I say that, I mean Americans who are sick and tired of seeing out great country devolve into the ordinary. People who share the President's vision of wanting to see us great again. Rather than constantly tapping on the brake like we did under Obama, Trump wants to put the "pedal to the metal".

Watching one of President Trump's events, it is hard to choose who enjoys them more - the President or the crowds who come to see and hear him. We have waited a long time for this moment. Suffered through eight long years of hoping for a change. No - Donald Trump, just like Ronald Reagan, is truly a man for all (the right) reasons. Enjoy these moments folks - they won't last forever. 

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