Friday, February 10, 2017

He did NOT win!

"Why am I bringing this up today? Because, half the people in this country are consumed by THS (Trump Hating Syndrome)."

How was that for a headline grabber? But it was not a "bait and switch" headline. It is true. Donald Trump did not win the last Presidential election. Just like Ronald Reagan did not win back in the 80's. This year in November, Donald Trump's ideas won. As in the 1980's Ronald Reagan's ideas won. What does that mean? It means the country was going through a sea change in the 1980's. And the country is going through a sea change today. 

Neither Reagan nor Trump are or were megalomaniacs. Neither man had the ability to change the direction of the country. However, both men have a gift - they could listen to the people, and then sense the change. Then all they had to do was become the "rudder to the ship".

Why am I bringing this up today? Because, half the people in this country are consumed by THS (Trump Hating Syndrome). These people hate the change which is happening to our country. And Donald Trump is the person they are taking it out on. But the bottom line is this - if all of a sudden Donald Trump decided he has had enough and resigned, not much would change. Only the style of Mike Pence would be different. The change in the country would still be happening. 

On March 30, 1981, a deranged young man named John Hinckley Jr. decided to go down in history as being the one who took out Ronald Reagan. And he almost did it. But lets assume for a minute that Ronald Reagan did not survive the attempt. The change in America would have continued. Would Vice President Bush have had the same relationship with Margaret Thatcher and end the Cold War? That will never be known. But I believe that much of the post Carter change in America would have continued under a President Bush.

Bono of the rock group U2 once said that America is not as much of a place as it is an idea. The idea of America is what inspires people all over the world. In politics right now, Donald Trump is the one who personifies our current change in direction. He did not win the election because he was the smoothest and most articulate candidate in American history. He won the election because he understood the change. And millions of people knew he could be the one to guide us through this change. To maximize the benefits of this change.

For my friends on the Left, go ahead and hate President Trump. Hate his family. Hate his staff. Hate whomever you want to. But the winds of change will continue to blow fiercely throughout our land. And then hate this change if you want to - but it would be better for you if you sought to understand it instead.  

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