Thursday, February 2, 2017

Fly over land...

"Yes, I am talking about what is now known as 'fly over land'. Others have different names for it. Me, I call it 'real America'."

When I was in the work a day word, I traveled quite a bit. Mostly to the east coast. Sometimes to the west coast. Rarely, in between. And that in between is what I have been pondering as of late. Yes, I am talking about what is now known as "fly over land". Others have different names for it. Me, I call it "real America".

For those who have not it for a while, may I suggest the following. Get in you car and point it in one of the three directions other than north on the compass. Not that I mind north - it is usually our favorite destination. But you go north far enough, and it is no longer America. It is Canada. And that story is the subject of a whole other article.

For the remaining directions on the compass, this past summer my wife and I went totally west. Not too far, but just far enough. And we took our sweet time. We went into the heartland of North Dakota. Putting the North Dakota jokes aside, this is a state steeped in history. And when you get to the badlands, it has unparalleled majesty and beauty. We also visited Devil's Tower in Wyoming. A magnificent structure given to us, by nature, thousands of years ago. Then while on the homeward trail, we stopped at Mount Rushmore and the South Dakota Badlands. 

So why do I bring this up? Because it is not only the beauty of the landscape, it is more important the realness of the people who inhabit it. These are real Americans. Not rich in wealth, but wealthy in character. This is "real America". Bottom line people. No BS, they just them to give the truth, and nothing less. And we absolutely loved talking to them. Not only talking with them, but also sharing with them.

This winter we decided to do the southern route. All the way down I-35, until it almost vanishes in Texas. And from there, on the east until a further dip to the Gulf Coast. For us, going south was Minnesota into Iowa to Missouri, then to Kansas and then to Oklahoma. It was going through hundreds of miles of frozen cropland until all of a sudden, you come across something special. Yes, it was Flint Hills. And what a treat that was.

Flint Hills sits in the middle of the largest contiguous tall prairie grass in not only the US, but maybe the entire North American continent. It was discovered by Zebulon Pike when he was on the way to the Rockies to discover even greater things. He was amazed and fascinated by these hills in (what is now known as) Kansas and northern Oklahoma which were so rugged, and yet rich in flint.

In any event, the people in Iowa, Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma are about as nice and genuine as you could meet. Not to be political for a minute, but these are many of the people who voted for Donald Trump. Why? They were ignored by the elite Left. The ones who are "enlightened" live only on the coasts. Well here is a news flash from the Bird. For decades I dealt with the "coasts". There is NO comparison with the folks I have met in middle America and those who roast on the coasts.

So what do I think about "fly over land"? More please. These are real people I can talk to, and relate to. As far as the coasts are concerned - see my post from yesterday.  

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