Friday, February 17, 2017

The Russian Ruse

"However, if we keep down going down the path the Left is taking us, the only thing we will make is America done and gone."  

"This is bigger than Watergate!" cries out Dan Rather and others on the Left. "This is the most dysfunctional and corrupt White House ever!" prattles MSNBC every morning. "This Administration is nothing but chaos!" yells a very shrill CNN.

If the truth be told, I am amazed how much is getting done considering our President has zero government experience and the Senate Democrats have left his cabinet looking like Mother Hubbard's Cupboard.

Here is the story many on the Left so desperately want. Trump and the Russians were colluding prior to the election. So were many on Trump's team. General Flynn was the point man. A deal was made with the Russians. If they helped Trump beat Hillary, there would be some kind of payoff. Plus, if Trump killed the sanctions that Obama had enacted, the payoff would be even higher. Trump knew all about the hacking of the DNC, and even endorsed it. This is a great story except for one thing - it is not true. It is a ruse.

Here is the story many on the Right so desperately want. Tax cuts across the board. A myriad of job killing regulations killed. ObamaCare repealed and replaced. The Islamic State defeated. The Russian Bear controlled. And I could go on and on and on. This is the real story that real American's want. 

Yesterday there was a ceremony at the White House. President Trump made good on yet another campaign promise. He is fixing the coal industry which Obama tried single handedly to destroy. He even invited Joe Manchin (D-WV) to be part of the event. Fox televised it. Nobody else did. They were too busy working on the narrative I described in the first scenario. The one which real Americans don't believe, and are sick to death hearing about it.

For those Loony Left pantywaists like Dan Rather, hear me out. There are a few of us out here who lived through Watergate. And Watergate was a low level nothing burger. However, the House of Cards which developed after it to protect the President (post facto) almost destroyed our government. Anyone who is wishing for another Watergate scandal is crazy. Including that nut ball Sally Kohn who thinks a scandal would topple both Trump and Pence, set up a special election between Ryan and Clinton, with Clinton winning and taking her rightful place in the West Wing. Really?

I am also old enough to remember Nikita Khrushchev. He once told the west (that be us) that he would "bury us". He later explained he did not mean he would kill us. Rather, we would destroy ourselves by infighting between the classes. Another Watergate type scandal, even when there is "no there, there", would play right into Khrushchev's prophecy. 

We are indeed at a tipping point in our country's history. If we play our cards right, and give our new President a fair chance, we just might make America great again. However, if we keep down going down the path the Left is taking us, the only thing we will make is America done and gone.  

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