Saturday, February 11, 2017

The latest great divide

"Will America the exceptional end up being America the ordinary? Or America the has been? It is up to us to decide."

Back during the Nixon Administration, our country was divided. It was a deep, destructive and painful divide. And Dick Nixon had no clue on how to heal or fix this major rift. As bad as this rift was, it was nothing compared to the state of affairs today. As much as the pundits have tried to analyze it, and then lay blame on someone or something, they have come up short. Recently, I have also been doing some cogitating on this matter.

Even though this great divide is massive and growing, it is not along the same lines as before. It is like the evolution of warfare. Warfare has gone from clear and distinct battle lines to asymmetric, where the battle lines are fuzzy or obscured. In other words, it is no longer Republicans against Democrats. In fact, it is even growing beyond progressives against conservatives. My belief is it is now the globalists against the constitutionals. 

Some might read this and say, "Really? or "Seriously?". Yes, really. And seriously. The globalists, the open border crowd, believe what President Trump is doing with getting control back in our immigration system is immoral or maybe even illegal. Many often misquote what is on the Statue of Liberty. "Come on in folks. Give us your tired, your poor, and so on." Whoever, whenever. No limits, no rules. 

The divide comes here. The constitutionals also want immigrants. We welcome them. But we want legal immigrants who have been vetted. And people coming in from war torn countries with no functioning government, we want deeply vetted.

Globalists also believe in the "holy power" of the United Nations. Not what they were (by charter), rather what they have become by proxy. In other words, let this group of unelected dictators accede the power of our duly elected government. Succumb to a one world order.

One other major way in which this newest divide is developing. Globalists believe our Constitution is dated. And wrong in many areas. It needs to be updated to let us know exactly what rights and powers we have. Constitutionals on the other hand, still believe this founding document of our country is sacrosanct. They believe this document limits the power of the government, not the citizens. And our rights are God given (or natural). Not man given, not a document given. God given.

Back to the Nixon era for just a minute. One of the more famous pictures was a young girl carrying a sign which said, "Bring us together". Today, we are not seeing that. It is a battle of the will. It is a bloodless and cold civil war which threatens to become hot at any moment. Where will this end up? Will America the exceptional end up being America the ordinary? Or America the has been? It is up to us to decide.       

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