Sunday, June 4, 2017


"We may not be able to escape aging, but we sure can embrace it. Our kids, our grand kids learn from us. Just like we did from those who past before us."

Ick. I hate this post, but I need to do it. It has to do with aging. And the entity which stands right behind aging - the grim reaper. Today, I thought a lot about aging. How this "teenager", who is still trapped living in this old man's body, will be able to cope with it.

Why do I say this? In the veggie garden today, I had memories of helping my grandfather, my father, and my father-in-law as they aged. There were certain things they could no longer do. But I could. And I was happy to do it, and helped them as they aged.

Today as my son-in-law and I were planting peppers, I was in another garden doing the same. I had to get down on the ground to finish planting a pepper. Then I remembered those old commercials where an elderly woman would fall and yell, "Help I can't get up!"

With my neuropathy, I can't get up unless I have some kind of assistance (usually, I use the wheelbarrow or a shelf if I am inside). But the my wheelbarrow was not close. I had to ask my son-in-law for help. It was then I learned I had become my grand father, my father, and my father-in-law - I needed help.

Before I take you down to this pity party street, let me first explain something. We live in a very small neighborhood. Maybe a dozen or so houses. In the 34 years we have lived here, one of our best friends and neighbors died of cancer in her early 50's. Her death still haunts me - we were very close. Another neighbor dropped dead suddenly in her 50's. Another one just passed in her 60's due to cancer. My neighbor next door came within inches of death from stage 4 lung cancer. And he is only three years older than I am.

Why am I saying all of this? Our pastor told us many times, "if your feet hit the floor in the morning, it is a good day. You are alive." But being "alive" does not last forever. There is an Omega to the Alpha. And at my age, that Omega seems to get closer every day.

One of my very good social media friends had posted something about all the pesticide and insecticide which is sprayed on our fruits and vegetables. It was a scary article for sure. It is poison. A long time buddy responded with a simple sentence - "Seems like nobody is getting out of here alive." Bingo! Forget taxes - the only certainly we have when we are born is we will all face the Omega - that would be death. Nobody is getting our of here alive.

My grandparents did not live much past the age I am now. I know my tomorrows are far less numerous than my yesterdays - and getting more so all the time. So each day, every day, I look for renewed purpose. Like, helping this great country stay great. Or, helping the hungry, the homeless, and the hurting. That is what Jesus told us to do.

Yes, I may have become my grandfather. And truthfully, if it is true, that is a good thing. My grand father was a saint. Pure and simple, a saint. If I could be 1/10 of the man my grand father was to me, that would truly be a blessing to my grand kids. Yes, he was truly that good.

We may not be able to escape aging, but we can embrace it. Our kids, our grand kids, learn from us every day. Just like we learned from those who past before us. Let us pray that our aging be instructive and graceful. It is after all, part of our path.

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