Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Better lucky than good.

"Be prepared, be trained, stay prepared. We never know when we will be called upon to be a hero rather than a victim." 

We got lucky today folks. Not just the Republican Party, the nation. What happened in Alexandria, Virginia could have happened any place at any time - only not by anyone. This shooting was perpetrated by yet another hopped up nut ball who was consumed by hate. This was not a mental illness issue - it was the heart of a cold blooded killer.

What is the most disturbing about today's shooting is the ease in which it happened. America is ripe with targets of opportunity. Soft targets. People just doing their thing, be it shopping, going to church, a sporting event, you name the venue. Whatever people are doing, they don't expect to be in a war zone. Like today - Representative Scalise did not expect to be shot just by practicing for a charity softball game.

As bad as it was, today was a day for all of us to breathe a collective sign of relief. Without a very fast response by the Capitol Police, this could have been a massacre for the ages. This nut ball could have killed every Republican and staffer on the ball field. The prep died of his wounds. Other than that, every one else will most likely survive. 

We have seen this time after time. No matter where the shooting is. Columbine, Sandy Hook, Paris, wherever. As has been said many times, the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. Police cannot guard each of us every minute of the day. Never has been possible, never will be. 

Clear headed people know what the solution is. We need more people who have carry permits. People who are totally trained if (God forbid) they ever need to use their weapon in self defense. The other thing we need to do is watch our national discourse. Saying on Facebook or other social media that you would like to burn down the White House, assassinate the President, or whatever, should be a red flag. When something like that is posted, the authorities should be notified immediately.

Yes, we got lucky today. Very lucky. We can't keep saying, "Better lucky than good" every time we "dodge the bullet" (so to speak). Be prepared, be trained, stay prepared. We never know when we will be called upon to be a hero rather than a victim.  


  1. Thank you for your help to remind folks!

  2. The last election really tipped the scales on divisiveness in America. The Trump voter was very precise in their vision of America under a new leader. They were inclined to want oneness and sameness. As long as they perceive their country to be sufficiently unified and in consensus, that need is met, and they are relatively tolerant.

    This guy from Illinois could not tolerate this rise of the far right and white, tea party, conservative policies that were threatening middle America. The fear of losing one's health insurance, no jobs (just talk), tax breaks for the wealthy, loss of public school money (not everyone lives near a charter school), climate change denial, and on and on, broke him.

    Even if America is unlikely to descend into another civil war, our present trajectory carries huge risks. Millennials may take charge of the country without much memory of a functional Congress, tolerant public discourse, or social circles that transcend our atomized subcultures.

    Thankfully, by that day, I will be worm food.

    Have a great day, Dave G

  3. When I took Conceal/Carry class, I wished my classmates had to complete an MMPI or other psychological profiling prior to attendance. Not the answer to gun violence in America.