Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Our nearly empty government

"Even with a nearly empty government, we can still get some stuff done. Mr. President - Congress -let's go for it. The clock is ticking."   

With all the "leaking" going on in Washington, President Trump is almost positive of one thing - the leaks are not coming from his own people. How could he know that for sure? Because there are hardly any of his own people working there. Most of the executive positions remain unfilled. And not by a little bit - a lotta bit. In reality, we now running with a nearly empty government.

Now right off the bat, the old business guy in me is thinking, "Do more with less - the private sector way!" However, we are at the way less right now. According to a Business Insider article penned at the end of April, we have 85% of our executive positions unfilled. How bad is that? For example in the State Department, we have only 3 of 119 filled. At Defense, there is only 1 out of 53 filled.

Maybe we don't need that many middle management positions. Maybe this is all part of the plan to put our government on a diet and make it more efficient. If that is the plan, the President should tell us so. Why? If we go into fall with more than half of these positions either unfilled or nominated, and if the tax bill and health care fix are still in the planning stages, the Democrats are going to have a field day with it.

Currently, all these open positions are filled by "acting" representatives. Okay - so there are bodies behind many of the desks. If nothing else this summer, I would like to see the Pentagon filled out with permanent people as well as Homeland Security. This would put meat on the bones of the President's promise to make American strong (and secure) again. The hundred plus spots at State? Cut them in half. And my gut tells me most of the leakers live at Foggy Bottom anyhow. 

President Trump has done some amazing things in his first 100+ days. But Wall Street, as well as Main Street, are waiting for the two big shebangs - health care reform and tax reform. As far as Health Care is concerned, it is okay to be brutally honest with the citizens. If Obama broke it beyond fixing, tell us. Then show is some way out of this box canyon, even if it is the dreaded single payer system.

Tax reform is a different issue. The world is your oyster Mr. President - go for it. Be as big and bold as you were on the campaign trail. Flat tax, fair tax, gutting the IRS - they should all be on the table. Heck, Paul Ryan could have something spectacular to roll out in less than a week. If it freaks the Democrats out, so be it. At least have a straw man instead of a blank piece of paper.

Okay team - it is summer time. Time to get going. And Congress, the finger is pointed at you also. I hope the President has the guts to cancel your summer vacation if your work is not done. That is the way it works in the real world. 

Even with a nearly empty government, we can still get some stuff done. Mr. President - Congress -let's go for it. The clock is ticking.   


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  3. I Love reading your extremely interesting blog.

    To expose myself to a view of the world from the perspective of a delusional "a persistent false psychotic
    belief regarding the self or persons or objects outside the self that is maintained despite indisputable
    evidence to the contrary", conservative, militaristic, suburban Christian is a rare opportunity to better
    understand the enemy within.

    Sun Tzu says, "If you know your enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the results of a hundred battles".

    Why delusional, you ask? Your belief that an executive office led by a man whose willful ignorance of our
    system of government, could lead this great country is both shocking and distressing. It takes a lifetime
    of experience to understand how much the Constitution means to our national life. Trump and the sycophants
    he has surrounded himself with have quickly learned that they are no match for our governing system. Their
    ignorance could be our nation's saving grace. The framers were extraordinarily wise men.

    Your blog comments are well written and thought provoking. They provide me with an instant starting point
    to research, review and sometimes, revise my thinking. How a person as well read, experienced and concerned
    about our country as you seem to be could be a supporter of the least qualified (Chester Arthur excluded)
    president in the history of this great country confounds me.

    But that is the greatness of America. Our first Amendment right to free speech is alive and well in blogs,
    Facebook postings, alternative facts and Fox News.

    Keep up the good work sir, and I shall continue commenting, even though they disappear as fast as a Snapchat photo.

    Ps. More and more leakers and whistleblowers will be coming forward as they realize how dangerous this man is to democracy.

  4. Today represents the 73rd anniversary of the Normandy landings. From those windswept French beaches, the Allies opened up a second front in Europe and marched east toward Berlin. It would take 11 months of hard, bloody fighting before the Third Reich surrendered, but the successful landings made by American troops and its allies on June 6, 1944, were the beginning of the end for Hitler’s fascist regime.

    It also represented another beginning: America would, from that point on, take the lead in securing a more peaceful, free and prosperous Europe.

    The events of the past several weeks, however, suggest that America is abandoning its global leadership role. It is retreating from the world stage, pulling out of international agreements and making friendly overtures to authoritarian, anti-democratic, repressive regimes. The president, full of bluster and braggadocio, sows confusion and doubt among our most trusted allies and puts American security at risk with his erratic, intemperate behavior.
    Is this how we will Make America Great Again? SAD