Friday, June 9, 2017

Angel or Demon?

"Angel or demon? What is Donald Trump? Maybe a bit of both."

I have come to a conclusion as of late. Yes, it has to do with our 45th President. His first 100+ days has been a rocky road for sure. There are many folks out gunning for him. Then I thought - why him? Why not Obama, who by this time in his Presidency had all but threatened to ruin our healthcare, as well as socialize us. What gives?

  • The Iconoclast - On the campaign trail, Donald Trump spoke heresy. Well, heresy in Washington speak. He threatened to turn over the tables, drain the swamp, and burn it all down. In other words, he threatened to come in and ruin the sanctuary of the bureaucrats. This is their happy place - their nesting grounds. So the Washington establishment has welcomed him with the same warmth as finding a turd in a punch bowl.
  • The Business Guy - Gasp! What do you mean he has zero political experience? That will not fit in with the Washington elite! But that is what the people wanted this time around. Someone who spoke their language. No more Washington babble. That lack of Washington training has helped him, and hurt him, at the same time. The Comey thing is a great example. They way Trump talked to Comey is normal in the business world. But in the world of defining what the meaning of "is, is", not so much.
  • The New York City Guy - For any of us who in their working career have dealt with folks from the upper East Coast, will know what I am talking about. They are a bit different than Minnesota nice. Yes, sometimes out and out rude - not to mention crude. Donald Trump grew up in the rough and tumble real estate business in mid-town New York. Dog eat dog, survival of the fittest. At 71, don't expect Donald Trump to change.
  • The "Bullshitter" - This is the term that Barack Obama was alleged to give the Donald. Even though Comey called Trump a liar in the hearings yesterday, I think Obama might have been right. I have known many people like Trump in my life. They exaggerate, stretch the truth, embellish, you know what I am getting at. Story tellers. Is there a difference between being a "bullshit artist" and a pathological liar like the Clintons are? I think so, but others might not.
I have said in the past and I will repeat it now, nothing is going to come out of these Comey hearings. Or having Robert Muller looking for a Russian connection. That being said, I am afraid this is going to be our lives for the remainder of Trump's term. Way too many haters on the other side. And truthfully? President Trump does not help himself. Many times he "leads with his chin". 

Who is or are going to be the biggest loser(s) in this War of the Roses? Trump? Na - he was been there and done it all. He is rich beyond measure. And he is smart enough not to do anything illegal.  This job is just one more notch in his belt. The Democrats? Maybe. If they overplay their hand with Trump. The Republicans? They might take a hit in 2018. History shows the ruling party usually does.

The BIGGEST losers however are - look in the mirror folks. For those of us who were banking on lots of stuff to get done, some stuff is getting done. But the two big gorillas in the corner are still healthcare reform and tax reform. If they don't get done, we all lose.

And one more thing - the unmentionable one. Entitlement reform. Nobody wants to talk about it, but we really should, and fast. It is tied into our growing national debt like peanut butter is tied to jelly.

Angel or demon? What is Donald Trump? Maybe a bit of both. But what he is right now which is hurting him the most, is unlikable. Maybe the most unlikable President since Dick Nixon. And even though Nixon did some wonderful things for the country, his un-likability helped undo his Presidency. Let's hope Donald Trump does not fall into that same trap. 

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  1. The federal government is closing out its ninth straight year of trillion-dollar-plus deficits, and the imperative to rein in spending has never been greater. Because all government spending gets paid for through either taxes or borrowing—both of which burden the economy—spending reduction is an essential condition for promoting economic growth.
    The only spending reductions I see in this administrations plans are reduction in size of State Dept.(being challenged by military), cuts to Education (GOP just said NO).
    Everything else either cuts taxes (Obamacare and Tax Reform) or increases spending (military, border wall, infrastructure).
    Cutting tax revenue and increasing spending will lead us into further deficit.
    The biggest losers are the next few generations who will be required to clean up our mess. Leave your kids a lot of money, they will need it. The social welfare programs SS and Medicare will be gone.
    OR, I must be missing something...........
    Hope this isn't Trump bashing..........
    Dave Gjerdingen