Saturday, June 24, 2017

Our Secular, Machiavellian, Truculent Party of Intolerance

"But - for the sake of a civilized society, please, please, clean up your act. Your threats, your potty talk, your coarse humor is doing nobody any good - especially yourselves." 

What is the world is wrong with the good people on the Left these days? It is as if they have come completely unhinged. The language (yes, the Perez "F-Bomb") is becoming as common and annoying as Minnesota mosquitoes in June. But of all the nasty and evil things said about the President, of all the nasty and evil things said about Republicans, what was said yesterday took the cake. 

Phil Montag, a technology chair for the Nebraska Democrats was caught on tape saying the following (I need to edit it a bit, so I don't get thrown in Blogger jail): "I hate this motherf****r. I am glad he got shot." Wow! There is that Perez "F-Bomb" again! Montag goes on, "I wish he was f*****g dead." Of course he was talking about Steve Scalise. Once the chair of the Nebraska Democrats found out about this, he fired Montag. But the damage had already been done.

All that seemed to happen just hours after Johnny Depp, the "has been" Jack Sparrow actor, said something about assassinating the President. Depp later apologized and said it was a joke in bad taste. Ha ha - that was so funny I forgot to laugh. That ranked right up there with Kathy whats her name holding up a severed head which was supposed to look like the President. Or Snoop Dog shooting the President with a fake gun. Or the Broadway Show, Shakespeare in the Park, where the President is killed.

Here is a big difference between conservatives and the progressive Democrats, which have become a secular, Machiavellian, truculent party of intolerance. For eight years, when Obama rode roughshod on our Constitution,  many on the right disagreed with his policies. Yet, (true story) I never heard one person wish him or his family harm. Not one. In fact many on the Right prayed for Obama. Why? We did not want him harmed nor killed. Even though we disagreed with him, he was our President.

I am sorry if this offends some on the Left. But people, you need to clean up your party - and soon. Tom Perez is a disgrace. He really is. He should be let go. To use language like he uses out in the open that children can hear (remember - you guys are supposed to be the party which protects kids) is coarse and crude.

Next, you need to divorce your self from the Hollywood left. They have not only slid towards Gomorrah, they have already passed it and are their way to the next stop. To say Hollywood is vile these days, is a gross understatement.

I am not trying to give you folks on the Left advice which will help you win. Trust me, I like the trajectory the Right has been on since 2010 (thank you Barack Obama!). But - for the sake of a civilized society, please, please, clean up your act. Your threats, your potty talk, your coarse humor is doing nobody any good - especially yourselves. America deserves better. 



  1. I doubt your sincerity. The lefts ability to self destruct should serve your parties purposes and goals well. With the control of leadership and minions, conservative legislation should be pouring out of national and state offices.
    Wars should be won or abandoned.
    Despot nations dealt with.
    Extreme sanctions on Russia for electronic meddling.
    Jobs and wages on the rise.
    Taxes reduced.
    Mideast peace (after 70 years)
    Border security enhanced.
    Non-white immigrants removed.
    Healthcare cost reduced. Especially pharmaceuticals.
    Unnecessary regulations removed.
    Return to coal and fuel oil for energy.
    I'll be anxiously waiting for results.
    ps and crap like VA whistleblower BS bills don't count.
    Maybe I'll see you at the Pride parade, Dave Gjerdingen

    1. I figured I would hear from you on this one Dave. BTW - I will be the one in the rainbow wig!

  2. You'll have to be more specific. I think there will be 1,000 rainbow wigs. How about an eye liner or lipstick color.