Wednesday, June 28, 2017

United States Space Command

"In the play Hamlet, Shakespeare said, 'There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy'."

Did you know that not too long ago, the United States had a Space Command? Do you mean like the United Federation of Planets like in Star Trek? Not exactly (maybe). It was a command formed during the Reagan years to (as the mission statement read), help "institutionalize the use of outer space by the United States Armed Forces" (whatever in the heck that means).

Very few folks have heard about this organization, since NASA was the big ticket in our space shuttle flights. Anyhow in 2002, the Space Command went away - sort of. Under the direction of Donald Rumsfeld, it merged with the United States Strategic Command to became the United States Northern Command. The headquarters for the space portion of the command is still located at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado.

Everything I have said so far is absolute fact. Now I am going to step off that street just for a minute. One of the fastest circulating rumors in the Ethernet is that our space command is alive and well and has been for quite a while. That we have a group of astronauts who are well traveled - like to the Moon many times, as well as Mars, and the moons of Saturn. Wait a minute! If that is true, why keep it a secret? What is the big deal anyhow? If we have been to Mars, should that not be front page in every paper in the globe? Well, maybe.

If we had true "reporting" these days, I would love to see an honest reporter look down this rabbit hole (rather than try and invent a Russia-Trump connection). We have spent trillions of dollars on "black programs". Programs so secret, many in the Administration have no clue what they are. Is it possible then, what was recovered at Roswell was in fact of alien origin? That we were able to reverse engineer the wreckage enough to make a craft which could travel the solar system in days rather than months?

For those who have an interest in peeking around the corner into the unknown, try this. Google The Disclosure Project. It is quite revealing, and if true, quite startling. The witnesses who have come forth in The Disclosure Project are not bums from skid row. They are not actors. These witnesses are highly qualified military personnel, both officers and enlisted. They are airplane pilots, FAA chiefs, civilians, and so forth. But - you would have to watch it to form your own opinion.

One more thing. According to more than one whistle blower, some of whom which served on it, we do have space travelers who are part of a multi-national, very secretive group called the Earth Defense Force. And it is a true planetary defense.

Before you scoff and dump this into your junk file, think of this. Steven Hawking, one of the smartest men on the planet, is worried about space invaders. About sending too much information into space to interest those looking for a better deal, a better place to live or plunder. 

In the play Hamlet, Shakespeare wrote, "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy". If what I said above is true, then maybe Shakespeare was right all along...



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  1. As he indicated in the video, this couldn't be true or we would know about it. But, it's fun to have a hobby.