Friday, June 30, 2017

Our discourse? Definitely off course!

"In any event, here we are. Our national discourse? It is way off course. What to do about it? How about practicing the 'Golden Rule' for example?"

Well, look here! Joe Scarborough and his bride to be Mika, have done what most lefty journalists aspire to do. Instead of reporting the news, they are creating the news. After spending the past six months or so, calling the President just about every name in the book, the President hit back. And this hit was a real "ouch" to Mika. Seems he said when they were self invited guests down in Mar-a-Lago, Mika was having some "bleeding in her face" from a recent face lift. Then the ship hit the sand. Way out of bounds, many have said. 

What do I think of what happened? First off, I think the once respected Joe Scarborough has sold out to  become part of the clown show known as MSNBC. Both Joe and Mika have said some pretty vile things about our President. Some folks like the fact our President is a counter-puncher, others wish he would not telegraph his moves. I personally like the approach of Vito (Don) Corleone in the Godfather series - "Never let them know what you are thinking."

Going a bit deeper in this thought, let's look at our national discourse in total right now. Nothing seems to be off limits. I am actually surprised that "Your mother wears army boots!" has not been used. And the language used at many of the town halls is beyond the pale. Since when does it become common to use an uncommon word like the "F Bomb" when addressing a public official? When addressing anyone?

Our national discourse is a disgrace. It really is. I have told this story before. When George Bush was our 43rd President, my oldest daughter was able to get me us tickets to hear him speak in St. Paul. Once the event was over, as we were walking outside, there were dozens of "flea infested misfits", wearing black t-shirts, with the words "F**k Bush!" on them. Plus they were chanting the same. I was embarrassed for them. I was embarrassed for their parents. Our state. And our nation.

This "sudden" diminution in our discourse is not really that sudden. It has been brewing for a while now. How long? I think part of it started during the Clinton Administration with Clinton's dalliances and how the Left tried to gloss over them. Then it got worse, much worse, during the event now known as the 2000 election. Or to use another term, the "hanging chad" election. 

I know, I know. People on the Left will say our lousy discourse happens on both sides of the spectrum. People on the Right will say maybe so, but they are certainly not equal. I agree with that. As a normal course of events, the Left seems to be much more coarse than the Right. However, for the first time now, we have a President who is a street fighter. And to some degree, a "potty talker". And the Left has a hard time dealing with that.

In any event, here we are. Our national discourse? It is way off course. What to do about it? How about practicing the "Golden Rule" for example? I am sure some of us remember what that says. And those to profess to be in the faith, remember the Greatest Commandment. Love for each other may not be able to conquer all, but it will sure help in our discourse. 


  1. I think you are spot on when you call Joe and Mika leftist MSNBC clowns. I think you are wrong when you think that POTUS should be listening to their drivel and reacting to it. His position is much to important and the countries needs are much to great for him to spend one mili-second dealing with them.
    Now we're going to send him to the G-20 meeting, where seasoned politicians are going to eat his lunch again. Meet with Putin? Jeez, the guy has 20 years of KGB mind-bending training and our guy has a Twitter fetish. We are doomed.
    Have a great day, Dave Gjerdingen

    1. The president doesn't reply to EVERY comment made about him but like Larry said, these two have been going after him for months and he finally shot back! Good for him! He's a professional businessman. I have no doubt he can handle himself with Putin!

  2. I wish your other readers would comment. I feel like I am hogging the mike. Oh well, nothing new about the tweet-Meister. I'm off to see the youngest grandchild at her Circus Juventus performance. I think her mother called me just to go early and save her a seat! And I will. Dave

    1. Actually Dave, I get quite a bit of feedback on my FB account. Not all positive either. No Dave, you are not the only liberal who reads my stuff. I will say this (not to guild the lily), you are one of the more cogent. I do enjoy your feedback. If you would like to get into more of a spirited debate with some on the other side of the street (as well as read comments from your side), friend me on FB. Now that I know your name, I will accept request in an instant.

    2. I wouldn't have clue how to find your facebook page. SO...
      My page is David Gjerdingen, if you could send ME a request, I can usually find them. I have few friends as I use my wifes account to scan the activities of the day. But I would rather have my own account for discourse of this type. Also, if you should find my page, look for an I-Movie slide show I did of the Veterans Camp on Big Marine Lake. If you've never been there, it's quite nice.
      ps All the angry bird pages I could find were asian or related to the video game of same name.