Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The Reality Show

"Too bad Reality, you were the first one caught. Going to prison for a long, long time? That is your new reality, Reality." 

As my wife always tells me when we see or hear something jaw dropping, yet true - "You can't make this stuff up!" What now? How about the upcoming Reality show? What show is that? The show staring the nation's newest nut ball, Reality Winner. Yes ladies and gentlemen, that is really her name. She is 23, a hard core leftist, a Trump hater, and has a very high level clearance. Oh - and one more minor thing. She is one of the "leakers" who supplied a news organization with top secret material. 

I almost fell off my John Deere tractor today. I was listening to a talk show through my ear phones, and the person on the radio had a very interesting question. "What in the world is wrong with us? How could we possibly give a 23 year old kid a high level clearance like that in the first place?"

Excuse me (as I had to clear my throat) - I was given my clearance when I was 19. I was stationed in the WestPac when I was 20 and 21 and had access to some of the most sensitive information the Navy had. I continued to have a high level clearance until I retired from the Navy at age 43.

Before my initial clearance even started, I was given the "scare the crap out of you" lecture. Having a clearance this high (there were very few higher in the Navy), was a privilege of the highest degree. AND, if I should ever violate the terms of the oath I will take and agreement I will sign when I receive my final clearance, the Navy will lock me up and throw away the key. Yes, it was that serious.

I did not really need the "scare lecture". I was a patriot back then and am now. I would NEVER violate that sacred oath. For anything. I also knew that the DIS (Defense Investigative Service) as well as the FBI could check up on me at any time to make sure I was not susceptible to corruption or blackmail. In other words, back then if you had a clearance that high, your life was transparent. Transparent to just about everyone in your clearance chain as well as federal law enforcement.

Back to Reality. She reminds me somewhat of Bradley Manning. Both seduced by the dark side. Bradley by Wikileaks, and Reality by the Trump Derangement Crowd. The very fact that these two young people went bad unnoticed is beyond me. Especially with Reality. The warning flags were all over the place if someone had decided to read her FB page.

Back in the day, and if she were a squid, I will say this much - If Reality worked for me when I was an Operations Officer, I would have yanked her clearance faster than one could say "boo". But nobody did yank her clearance, she went bad, and now she is going to jail for a long, long time. 

Too bad for Reality that Obama is no longer President. He could pardon her and have the government pay for a sex change (should she ever want one). We call that the "Manning fix". Nope - our new President has had it leakers. Too bad Reality, you were the first one caught. Going to prison for a long, long time? That will be your new reality, Reality. 


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