Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Who is the new "Uncle Walter"?

"CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, and now even FOX. News organizations? Not any more. Entertainment mostly. And much of the entertainment starts at 5 pm on the nightly news." 

Big disclosure by CNN today. Big news to us? Nope. We all knew it. In fact, the President has called them out many times for reporting "fake news". Now they have sort of admitted it with their Russia reporting. Something like they did not have "giant proof" of their reporting, whatever that means. Well, I have some news. We no longer have an "Uncle Walter" that we can depend on. Someone in the media who will give us the unvarnished truth. What do we have today? We got spit.

In fact, news today is more comic relief than anything else. Watching the "smartest woman on cable television" was at one time Megyn Kelly, but is now Rachael Maddow. Really? All Rachael does is drink the MSNBC bathwater and put a little more spin on already spun news. What comes out of her mouth is more like Pravda than Pravda is. Blah, blah, blah. And Megyn? She sold her soul to the NBC gods, and is now sinking into the pit of irrelevance. 

Did we have one news person who is close to "Uncle Walter"? I think we had one maybe even better. Why better? After Cronkite retired, we did discover he had a liberal slant. Nothing like his protege, Dan Rather however. But still, Walter lived on the left side of the street.

Bill O'Reilly, who Fox just dumped, was a close to an honest reporter as I have seen. Why Bill? He was an equal opportunity abuser. He was as tough on conservatives as he was progressives. He did not ask softball questions like, "What is you favorite color?" or "What is on your iTunes playlist?" Yes, those are questions which have been asked in the past of Clinton and Obama.

Our once highly valued Fourth Estate, our free press, has devolved into nothing more than a shill for the Loony Left. Sorry, but it is true. In journalism today, they obviously forget to teach the difference between fiction and non-fiction. Or, the difference between fact based reporting and opinion. Journalists today have less credibility than a used car salesman dressed in a sharkskin suit. 

One of the smartest media people I have met is a local fellow name Bob Davis. Bob Davis of Bob Davis Podcast is a true truth finder. He eschews most all media, as it is too corrupt for him to use as a basis of this reporting. He uses a wide variety of sources, including on the spot reporting. In short, Bob has known for a lot longer than many of us (myself included), that not only does "Uncle Walter" no longer exist, but neither does a shred of an honest media. I have told Bob more than once that every time I listen to him, I learn. I get informed. Is that not what an honest media is supposed to do?

CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, and now even FOX. News organizations? Not any more. Entertainment mostly. And much of the entertainment starts at 5 pm on the nightly news. 

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  1. News, to put it simply, is what people don’t know that they want to know.
    And people will seek their news – what’s important to them – from whatever sources provide the best combination of immediacy, ease of access, reliability, comprehensiveness and low cost.
    The relative importance of these factors varies with the nature of the news and the person wanting it.
    You are welcome to use the Bob Davis Podcast.
    I prefer to watch Fox, MSNBC, read the Pioneer Press, Very Angry Bird, BBC and Al-Jazeera online: then distill them all into a version of reality I think is valid.
    It is a challenge, but I don't think any of us want the unvarnished, unbiased truth or news. As Jack Nicholson said in A Few Good Men, "You can't handle the truth".
    With the Independence Day celebrations approaching, I am saddened at the state of our country. The "truth" of America.
    Divisive, vindictive, lying, inept politicians in Washington over the last 2 decades have me wringing my hands in disgust, knowing we will not survive the next decade without major upheavals in those institutions that made America the "beacon of light" to the rest of the world.
    We will end the first quarter of the 21st century as a country that can't be trusted or relied upon; with values that won't be emulated by others and with tens of thousands of lives lost in wars without meaning or mission.
    With no direction, no goals, no guidance from our leaders, the American people with revert to baser instincts and crimes against property and persons will rise to levels unseen generations.
    The "Haves" will wall themselves off, literally and figuratively from the "Have nots", who will live their lives in not so quiet desperation, much like the in hillside favelas of Rio De Janeiro.
    This is the truth and the news. And you will be able to tune into any station to witness it.
    Dave Gjerdingen