Friday, January 1, 2016

Failure to assimilate...

"There are many Islamic countries that these folks could live in and have prayer time during the workday. This in not one of them."

Well, it is in the local news as well as the national news. Another big story coming out of Colorado. Another big story about a certain group of immigrants who refuse to assimilate. And why is this big news? Who the heck knows.

Let us put the shoe on the other foot for a minute. If I went to Saudi Arabia for example, and decided I wanted live there, I would like to have an evening cocktail. However, alcohol is not permitted in the Kingdom. If I raised a fuss about it and told them I would quit my job if I could not have a drink, they would tell me to leave and not let the door hit me in the behind. Same is true if I lived in most any Muslim country and wanted to have pork or bacon for meals. Good luck on that one. If I wanted to live in those countries, I would have to assimilate somewhat to their culture.

I also believe that any company I have worked for would be somewhat ridged if I wanted time off every day to go to a church service. If I told them it was my right to go to church every day, the company would agree with me. However, they would also tell me it is something I would have to do on my own time. If I did not like that, I could go work someplace else - or not work at all.

I am a simple man who likes to seek simple solutions. That is why I like Occam's Razor for problem solving. My simple solution to the situation at the Colorado meat packing company is this - America is a free country. As long as your skills and work habits fit in, there are numerous different places to work. In addition, should you decide you don't fit into our culture, you can always freely move to another country.

In this country, pork and alcohol are legal and enjoyed by millions of citizens. Women drive in this country. They wear fashionable clothes (sometimes not enough of them), and many have careers. We worship at the church, synagogue, mosque, or temple of our choice - or not at all. This is the way we are. We have assimilated this way from 250 years of being a melting pot. We also realize the American lifestyle is not for everyone. Like I say, America is a free country. You are always free to leave.

I suspect it will just be a matter of a day or two when we start hearing our favorite lefty terms again. Terms like Islamophobia, or hegemony. That we are racists and intolerant. And I am so sick of that I could puke.

Once again, if you want to live here, live like us. Our door is open - maybe too open - to all. Maybe it is time to have our door look like a door and not an open window.    

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