Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Devolving Democrats

"There is a reason why during the last election, the Republicans took so many seats nation wide. Many people looked at the DNC platform and asked, 'Who are these people?'"

For those paying attention to what just happened in France, this might be a harbinger of what could happen to America. For the first time in forever, the two finalists vying for the top job in France are not from traditional mainstream parties. Nope. One is a socialist, and the other is a nationalist. Which ever of the two wins, it will usher in a new face with France in Europe and the rest of the world.

In this country right now, we are on the verge of losing one of our major political parties - the Democrats. It is not only changing, but devolving - and fast. Some might be happy at this concept, but others are not. Surprisingly, some on the Right would like to have a stronger Democratic Party. Why? As a long time friend of mine explained to me a while ago - it makes our side better when we have a tough opponent. It sharpens our game. One party government is good for nobody.

But the Democrats have lost their way - badly. Lets first look at religion, in particular Christianity. One might get the sense that many on the Left don't care much for Christianity as people on the Right do. It might just be a gut feeling. But hold on - there might be some proof here. A recent CBS poll (February 2017) showed that 66% of Democrats thought Christianity was just as violent as Islam. Huh? Plus a 2014 Pew poll showed that 28% of all Democrats profess no faith choice at all. Agnostic or atheist. Whereas that number was only 14% for Republicans.

Abortion. Here is where the Democrats are really losing mainstream America. Abortion is now called "choice" or "women's health issue" by the Democrats. Many Republicans on the other hand, are calling it for what it is - the murder of the unborn. Infanticide. And the new head of the DNC seems to want the Democrats to double down on this most volatile issue. The inferred message is "if you are a Democrat, you must be pro-choice". Meanwhile, the carnage at the hands of the abortionists continues. 

Finally our founding documents. One can't not find many originalists on the Left side of the street. No sir re Bob. Plenty of "living document" types when it comes to our Constitution. In fact, many who think our Constitution is "dated" feel the same about the Holy Bible. Again, the Democrats will never admit they are mistaken on this one. They are going to ride it all the way to the sunset.

I miss the old school Democrats. You could talk with them, sometimes reason with them, and on some issues, even vote with them. Today, the old school Democrat has devolved into the new school progressive, socialist, statist, whatever. There is a reason why during the last election, the Republicans took so many seats nation wide. Many people looked at the DNC platform and asked, "Who are these people?"

The future for the Republicans? Very good - that is, if they can perform. If they fall on their collective swords again, the Party of Lincoln will not open the door for devolving Democrats, rather they will open the door for more extreme parties. Like how extreme? Like France extreme.

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  1. I think the country could devolve into a single party. The divisions within the party would actually give us more options than we currently have. I would divide the party into Conservatives, Christian Right, Paleocons, Neocons, Rinos and Libertarians. The ideological divisions between these groups would give the voter plenty of choices.