Monday, April 17, 2017

Not your tip, Governor!

"Not too long ago, whenever I would see or hear the expression, 'Taxation is theft', I thought it was a bit cliched. But no longer."

Yesterday, we went out to a nice restaurant for Easter brunch. We had the whole family with. We all ate our fill, and soon it was time to pay the bill and then carry on with our day. The bill came to $125. I am a very generous tipper, so I was going to tip our waitress $25. I gave our waitress two one hundred dollar bills. The $50 I was getting back was going to be my spending money for the rest of the month. 

After quite a long period of time, the waitress did not come back with my money. I finally flagged her down and asked where my change was. She informed me the owner of the restaurant decided to keep it. He has some renovations he needs to do this summer, plus he wants to give money away to those who did not have much. But I told her, "That is my money!" Not any longer she said - it now belongs to the restaurant.

Yesterday on Easter Sunday, the clowns on the paper's editorial board decided to pen a non-Easter type of message. It was what the state should do with our rather large surplus. Oh, they had all kinds of ideas. Spend, spend, spend, spend.

One more time - when ever there is a surplus, it means we overpaid our taxes. Just like in my made up restaurant story, we have paid our bill in full. Now would like our change back. The Governor, just like the owner of the restaurant, thinks he is entitled to our money. And he is not. For him to keep it, is theft, pure theft. 

Not too long ago, whenever I would see or hear the expression, "Taxation is theft", I thought it was a bit cliched. But no longer. This is our money we are entrusting to the government. There is hardly a week which goes by where we don't get a story about some kind of fraud, waste or abuse in Washington or St. Paul. A good portion of our hard earned money is being taken from us, and then wasted. Then to add insult to injury, if we overpaid, the government wants to steal that amount. Theft, pure theft.

To show just how clueless our statists in St. Paul have become. last week the Revenue Commissioner threatened us by saying tax refunds could be "delayed". You know, because of the nasty old Republicans who are cutting some wasteful spending. So now statists like the Revenue Commissioner are going to take it out on those of us who overpaid our taxes. Theft, pure theft.

We need a good, strong, fiscally prudent Governor in 2018. And that person is not coming from the DFL - trust me on that one. Soon a candidate will come forward who will shine brighter than all the others. A Governor who will work with the Minnesota House and Senate to "rightsize" our taxes to ensure we are paying for efficient, competitive government. All we have today is a Governor who wastes our money on bloated taxes used to fund a largess, statist government.

No Governor Dayton, you may not "keep the change". And there is no tip either. Give me my money back, or it will just be theft, pure and simple. With you sir, taxation is theft! 

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  1. My state refund has not been processed. Slowest ever. Guess the a Revenue Dept. Is following through with their threats. Got Fed in five days after filing electronically.