Saturday, April 22, 2017

Earth Day, a date with Gaia

"Earth Day, Mirth Day. Is there a difference?"

HAPPY EARTH DAY! And let me the first to say how sorry I am for living on this planet. Sorry Gaia. I pollute. I eat food. I drive. I even go to the bathroom. I eat cows who during their lives, fart quite a bit. In fact, I am going to burn some steaks tonight.

When nature calls, I answer the call. And when I do, sometimes I even use more than 1 sheet of 1 ply toilet paper (sorry Sheryl Crow). I know - I bad.

A couple years ago, our climate preaching national leader (that be President Obama) used 9,000 gallons of fuel to travel to the Everglades to talk about the GREATEST threat in world history to our planet. You mean Islamic Terrorist? North Korea? Iran? No, no and no again. He was talking about man made global warming. Plus he took "Bill Nye the Science Guy" with him. And why did they go to the Everglades? Beats me.

So please, please...spare me the hypocrisy! Here is the truth. If you live on this orb, you pollute. We can talk about being "green" all we want, but if we live here, we are not green. I believe the Earth was created by our Creator (sorry - not Gaia, not you) to be our home. This is the place where we live. We eat. We toil. We procreate. Yes, we do propagate our species. And we love the thrill of having children, grandchildren, (and if blessed) great-grandchildren.

Truthfully most on my side do not litter. In fact, we don't pollute unless we are living in a house or driving someplace. So here is the question - how do we separate Earth Day from the myth of man made global warming? Quite simple actually. To quote a good friend of ours, "We worship the Creator, and take care of the created". It is no more than that. If the Creator (God) did not want us to live, prosper and procreate here, He would not have made this excellent home for us. And here is were we dwell.

So tonight, I will have some dead cow on the grill for supper. Maybe even have a carbon producing bonfire. After my daughter, son-in-law and grandson go home I will watch some TV until I doze off. Will I feel guilty? Not a bit. Will I feel grateful? All the time. 24 X 7 on this planet.

So happy Earth Day Gaia. As usual, I will use you and never abuse you. That is just the way I roll.


  1. "I eat foot." creates an amusing mental image.

  2. Maybe if our species had a modicum of sense we would separate out the notion of "pollutants" from the essential trace gas CO2, which greens the planet and does NOT control its temperature. Even those flawed climate models say that burning fossil fuels has essentially zero impact.