Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Educated Idiots

"Many of our kids are coming out of high schools or colleges acting like educated idiots. Learning revisionist history and PC babble, thanks to curriculum like Common Core."  

This morning I am going to tie two different news stories together from two different news sources. First, as I was waking up and watching the local news, our current legislative session was addressed. This week Easter is over, and it is back to work. The reporter said that unless Dayton gets additional funding for early childhood, he might not sign the bill. And if he does not sign and vetoes, the state government could shut down (again). Big whoop.

Then in the editorial section of the paper this morning was a letter to the editor penned by some young snowflake. In this letter, the snowflake said the US is just as guilty with military aggression in Korea as the Norks are. Huh? At first, I was tempted to refer to her as something harsher than "snowflake" - but then it hit me. It is not more early childhood this state needs - it is teaching true history, rather than PC babble, in high school and college.

For example, if Ms Snowflake had studied history while in school, she would have known that Korea was really a product of World War II. That Korea became a negotiation chip once the war was over and Japan was defeated and kicked out of Korea. In 1948, an agreement was made to split Korea into two parts at the 38th Parallel. Russia would take charge of the North, and the United States would take charge of the south. 

Governments were set up on both sides and life went on. Oh yes, until the war. Since neither North Korea nor South Korea thought the 38th Parallel was going to be a permanent boarder, they both wanted a unified Korea. But the North had even bolder ideas. They wanted to take South Korea back by force. In June of 1950, forces from North Korea invaded South Korea.

Now, If Ms. Snowflake is reading this, here come the important part. The United Nations then determined this was an act of aggression by the North and passed Security Council Resolution 83. That resolution authorized the formation and deployment of a United Nations force to Korea. This UN force would be made up of fighters from twenty-one nations to counter North Korea's aggression.

It is true the United States made up the lion's share of the UN force. That being said, the United States was involved by decree of the United Nations. The war was bloody and long. Many died on both sides and the war went on until July of 1953. At that time an armistice was signed which established both Korea's, separated by a demilitarized zone. No peace agreement was ever signed, so the two nations are still technically at war.

Here is today's lesson in a nut shell Ms. Snowflake. Learn something now, that your were never taught in a failed government high school. The United States still has troops stationed in South Korea for one purpose only - to protect South Korea from another attack from North Korea. They did in 1950, and can (and maybe will) do it again. It is as simple as that. We are not aggressors. In fact, it is expensive to maintain a force that large over there. If North Korea would behave, we would gladly bring our troops home.

I do get testy when I read a letter like I did this morning. Filled with lies. Many of our kids are coming out of high schools or colleges acting like educated idiots. Learning revisionist history and PC babble, thanks to curriculum like Common Core.

Are folks on the Right against education? Absolutely not. We are however, against the teacher's unions who push this pablum down our our kid's throats rather teaching them true facts. Time for a change folks.  

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