Sunday, April 2, 2017

Stronger Churches

"Because the church is not the building. The church is us. The building is only where we gather."

Last week our church moved into its new location. And it was a long time coming. For over three years, this very large metro church launched its newest venue in Coon Rapids. The building the church had been using for worship has been the local high school. But that all ended last Sunday. Our church bought a K-Mart (true story), spent $18M (no debt), and turned that dingy old K-Mart into a wonderful and new place to worship. Last Sunday we had over 6,400 people attend this renovated k-Mart. Simply amazing.

I have been asked in the past what I look for in a church. My answer is simple. God centered, Bible based, transformational and mission centric. I have spent some time in churches which were "lukewarm" and truthfully, I did not have much time for them. And there is a reason for that.

A few years ago, an evangelist who we followed gave a very simple message. "Today, it is time for the church to once again become the church." Some might wonder what he meant by that. I believe what he meant was if your church was only operating at a"lukewarm" temperature, it is up to the congregation to help that church and its leaders turn the temperature up. If there is no desire to do so, if that church desires to be only insular and comfortable, it is time to leave. Time to find a church where the anointing is strong and growing.

These days, now more than ever, we need strong(er) churches. Relevant churches. Anointed teaching. And yes, giving churches. Giving to those who are the least of us. Giving with time as well as treasures. The churches I have attended which were the strongest, were the ones who loved giving the most. 

A church in our neighborhood had something interesting painted over the inside of the entrance. It was for all to see once as they were leaving the church service. "You are now entering the mission field". Bingo. We to church not only to worship God, but also become equipped on how to be good stewards with that teaching once we walk out the door. Because the church is not the building. The church is us. The building is only where we gather.

Stronger churches. America, and the world, needs them now more than ever. Time to get our worship on.   

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