Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The men in the High Castle

"But - despite the entropy which MN GOP wears like a shadow, the blue state of Minnesota has taken back the House and the Senate."

No - this is not a review about the new show on Amazon with almost the same title. Not even close. This is the real life High Castle for those in the Republican Party. Yes, I am talking about our MN GOP headquarters. And this is not going to be a "hit piece" on any individual, past or present who has served there. This is only about the crazy, mixed up place many Republicans in Minnesota call their headquarters.

This is a troubled organization. It has been for some years now. Why? Good question. Money issues have plagued it for years. But - despite the entropy which MN GOP wears like a shadow, the blue state of Minnesota has taken back the House and the Senate. And in my most humble opinion - we are going to take back the Governor's mansion in 2018. But more on that later.

By now most of us have seen or read the news. The current MN GOP Chair sent out a poison pen letter to the delegates who will soon be voting for new MN GOP leadership. Rather than being a fair arbitrator and professing neutrality, the current Chair decided instead to try and kill the chances of his Deputy Chair to become the new Chair. This would be like if in 2020, should President Trump decide not to run for re-election, he sends out a letter to the voting faithful telling them Mike Pence is not fit to be dogcatcher.

Truthfully, I do have some inside baseball knowledge of this issue which I am not going to disclose. Besides all of which, I have said this is not going to be a hit piece. What I want is for MN GOP to get its ducks in a row. This total chaos which permeates the place has gone on too long under too many Chairs. It is long past time to change how we do things.

Here it is in a nutshell. I know most of the folks running for Chair and Deputy Chair. Good people all. However, will the new Chair and Deputy Chair work well together? What if their visions are different? Styles are different? I think the election of a new Chair and Deputy Chair should be similar to how we elect Presidents and Vice Presidents. In other words, two people run as a team. The team running would not only know each other, but know they could work with each other. 

Many folks I have talked to in the past few years have no time for MN GOP. Mostly because of the way they have handled money. For the party of "fiscal conservatives", finances at MN GOP sure spend a lot of time in the tank. For many out here, this makes it hard to want to to donate to MN GOP.

And for a party which preaches compassion, the venom which is now coming out of the MN GOP office is bitter and unforgiving. Dirty laundry should always be washed and hung inside - not outside for the world to see. We can, and we should, do better.


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