Thursday, April 27, 2017


"We don't have time to screw with these guys any longer. Why? We still have the Islamic State to take care of and Iran is in the wings. Sorry - this is what happens when you take eight years off and let the bad guys run amok."  

In the War of 1812, we were at war with the British as well as the Canadians. Once the war ended, the Canadians never accepted the fact it was over. To this day, they have massive artillery and missile units in Montreal, Toronto, Quebec, and Vancouver, all ready and aimed to strike major United States cities. The United States has complained to the United Nations, but the answer always is the same. Until they use them in anger, just put up with it.

My neighbor across the street from me has a large collection of guns. We had a spat about 25 years ago, and he never forgot it. Every day, when I am out working in my yard, he is pointing one of his guns at me. I have called the sheriff to complain, but he told me until my neighbor fires at me in anger, I am just to put up with it.

Of course, both of the above are absurd illustrations of something which is not absurd at all. Ever since the Korean conflict ended in 1953, North Korea is armed to the teeth. And much of it is on display on the other side of the DMZ. It is estimated that today, North Korea has thousands of artillery pieces, all dug in and aimed at Seoul. Some estimates show that should the North Koreans unleash a surprise attack on South Korea, during the first hour over 500,000 artillery shells would hit Seoul. In two hours or less, the city would have suffered catastrophic damage.

In the eyes of the United Nations, how can this not be a provocation? In the example I used with the Canadians having artillery aimed at our cities, we would not put up with that for a New York minute. My opinion on what the Norks have been doing to South Korea? Act of war. Worthy of an appropriate response. Why? What they are doing is a provocation of the highest order. 

I don't in my adult life ever remember the United States threatening North Korea. Instead we have coddled them, put up with them, ignored them. Meanwhile, they have built up a small nuclear arsenal. On almost on a weekly basis now, they are threatening to use nukes against us, our overseas bases, our ships, our allies, or you name it. To me, (once again) that is a provocation of the highest order.

Here come the nugget in all my ranting. I would like to see our President do something that no other President has done in the past fifty years. I would like President Trump to threaten the North Korean regime. Tell them they have until June 1, 2017 to withdraw from the DMZ. Or else we will use our military to reduce their forces.

Next, they have until June 1, 2017, to cease all nuclear production. Then to let UN inspectors in to verify, and then start to dismantle existing nuclear weapons. They have until June 1, 2017 to start this process, and June 1, 2018 to finish it. Failure to comply will result in the United States using military force to finish for them.

Trust me, I am not a war hawk - I really am not. But I am so sick of these guys, so over them, I just want it to end. The longer we wait, the more nukes they will have and the harder it will be. Some will ask, "what about China?" My response - what about them? They have been as useless as a screen door on a submarine in dealing with the Norks. No - I am afraid it is going to be up to us to end this nightmare. 

Whatever happens, it needs to happen quickly. We don't have time to screw with these guys any longer. Why? We still have the Islamic State to take care of and Iran is in the wings. Sorry - this is what happens when you take eight years off and let the bad guys run amok.  


  1. Enough Obama bashing! This mess started in 1956 when the Soviet Union gave North Korea "yellow cake" uranium and the skills to enrich. That would be the middle of your guy Ike's administration. Every admin since bears the responsibility of neglect, and it will not end with this one.

  2. There is no singular Islamic State! All countries which recognize Islam as the national religion are Islamic States. Radical Islamic Jihadism is the enemy and it is practiced in your city and mine.