Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Fried Rice in the Swamp?

"And then we have Susan Rice - the gift who keeps on giving. Why do I say that? For those who do not believe that Washington corrupts, need to look no further than Ms. Rice."

This morning when my feet hit the floor, I turned on the news. And then the news turned my stomach. Seeing kids in Syria who had just been gassed by what is believed to be Sarin gas, dying a young and very painful death. Not the first time we have seen it. Happened before in Syria with Assad's fingerprints all over it (remember the red line?). And it has happened in Iraq with our good buddy Saddam Hussein. Both against the Iranians in the eight year war and then against the Kurds in Northern Iraq.

Then I started to think - could things get any more messed up? Besides this gas attack, the Norks firing off another missile yesterday, the terror attack in Russia, the huge humanitarian disaster in Africa, we still have our own "Swamp". I am starting to believe those who thought the "Swamp" was just election hyperbole are starting to rethink that premise. Each day we are seeing the Washington "Swamp" played out live and in color.

And then we have Susan Rice - the gift who keeps on giving. Why do I say that? For those who do not believe that Washington corrupts, need to look no further than Ms. Rice. She is an accomplished liar. As good as, maybe better than, the Clintons. I used to marvel at Bill Clinton on how he could look into the camera and tell the biggest whoppers with a straight face. Well after Benghazi, when Ms. Rice told her whopper on four or five different Sunday morning shows, she almost surpassed Slick Willie. And now to deny that she was complicit in the illegal surveillance or Team Trump, her lying acumen has once again surfaced.

Rather than focusing on a world which is slowing becoming more engulfed in the flames of terror and famine, we are instead focused on tearing ourselves apart. The horrific subway terror attack which happened in Russia this week could just as easily have happened in Manhattan during rush hour. The bad guys are just waiting for us to let our guard down. To become distracted enough to not be paying attention. 

Here is the bottom line as I see it. First, I don't give a tinker's dam about Russia and our election. There is no "there, there'.  In other words, it is nothing more than a canard. Next, if somebody from the Obama Administration did something illegal to anyone on Team Trump before, during or right after the election, put up or shut up. In other words, prosecute anyone who broke the law. If all you have is innuendo, drop it. We have bigger fish to fry.

Why do I sound dismissive on this? It was also reported this week that in our "show of strength" to the Norks by flying two B-1 bombers over there, we only flew one. The other plane was "broken". Why? After eight years of neglect, out military is in dire need of an upgrade. And this gets me to my final point.

There is nothing more important to this country right now than security. Health care, tax reform, regulatory reform, all important. However, if the Norks smuggle a nuke into this country, or if they conduct an EMP attack, or if ISIS is able to hit soft targets here, or whatever horrible thing you can imagine - all the reforms we are working on will be become instantly moot. 

Fix our military, tell China we cannot move forward together as trading partners until they help control and contain North Korea, and then tell the Norks if they launch one more missile, conduct one more nuclear test, if they don't abandon their nuclear program immediately, the United States along with its NATO allies (with China's blessing) will blockade their ports. 

No more Susan Rice. As far as I am concerned, she is damaged goods. Her reputation is beyond repair. She is done in the public sector. She is just part of the "Swamp" which needs to be drained. The question which remains however is this - can we drain "Swamp" and take care of the world's bad guys at the same time? We have to.   

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  1. Brannon's removal from the NSC is a big step forward for the credibility of the Trump administration! Now, he should be dropped off in south Chicago to preach his vile white supremist rhetoric. Good move Jarod!