Friday, July 5, 2019

The sweet and sometimes acrid smell of history

"It rained yesterday during the event. So what? It was still a great time, and the crowd loved it! Happy birthday America! We have reason to celebrate. To form a more perfect union? Absolutely, but the job is not over yet. Stay tuned - it is about to get even better." 

To form a more perfect union. I get it. As good as this country has been from the beginning, it has not been perfect. Pretty darn good most of the time, but not perfect. Yesterday, President Trump laid out his argument for just how good this country has been since the founding. Yes, it was a red, white and hurrah event. I loved every minute of it. Of course, there were demonstrations against our country at the same time. Dredging up old sins from the past. Like slavery.

Let's talk about slavery just for a minute to kind of clear the air. It seems every time this is brought up in our history, it is a blot - a stain. There is an acrid smell about slavery. So here are the facts. Yes, this country did have slavery at the beginning. Many countries (like Mexico, Canada and South America) also had slaves. However, many in this country were against slavery. We fought a very costly civil war to end slavery. We amended our Constitution so that ALL men are created equal - not that some men were less than equal.

Slavery still exists today. It is called modern day slavery, or human trafficking. It exists in many places in the world. Some legal, mostly illegal. It exists in this country and is highly illegal. But slavery as portrayed in the book Roots, ended with the Civil War. Lincoln freed the slaves in the Emancipation Proclamation. Is there still work we need to do with regards to racism? Sure is. But the vast majority of people I know are NOT racists. The fact we had a mixed race President for eight years, should speak volumes on how far this country has come.

To be an honest broker, I do need to address one more thing before I get back to the sweetness of yesterday. When this country was settled, there were many times in treaty negotiations, we could have done better with the Natives. Many of these proud people of the plains, now live in squalor in reservations. Because of what is perceived to be numerous treaty violations by the United States government, some Natives now consider this country to be "stolen land". I know the Natives were not perfect either when these deals were being stuck, but as an American, I feel we need to correct some of these perceived or real injustices. 

Putting those two issues aside, this country continues to be the shining city on the hill for the world to see. Many great people from other countries have said "If America falls, the world falls." Yes, we are that important to the world. Last century, we saved the world twice in world wars. Some say thrice with us winning the Cold War. Today, we feed a large portion of the world, we supply medical aid to the hurting, financial aid to the impoverished, and military aid to the imprisoned. America truly has been, and remains today, the big brother to many who are free or desire to be free.

Yesterday, we witnessed out Commander-in-Chief also being our Historian-in-Chief, as well as our Cheerleader-in-Chief. Donald J. Trump loves this country with every beat of his heart. Not a perfect man, but a very good man, President Trump is a patriot. Yesterday was NOT about him winning re-election - the Democrats on the campaign trail and in debates are ensuring that will happen all by itself. Yesterday was a party. By us and for us. A time to celebrate just who we are. What we have done. And hope for the future.

It rained yesterday during the event. So what? It was still a great time, and the crowd loved it! Happy birthday America! We have reason to celebrate. To form a more perfect union? Absolutely, but the job is not over yet. Stay tuned - it is about to get even better. 



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