Monday, July 1, 2019

Very little room at the inn...

"Hey Mayor Jacob - you have a big problem here, my friend. Being a sanctuary city does not help you either. For those living in Minneapolis who do not have a place to live - good luck. Like to say things will get better, but that would be a lie." 

Today in the morning rag, was an article about the further gentrification of Minneapolis. The article did not use the term "gentrification", but it might as well have. Our Mill City, just like most other major Blue hubs, are becoming a mecca for the modern day Yuppie, and a desert for those making the magic amount of $15/hour. Why? No housing for the lower incomes. And what housing there is (trust me, I have seen some from the inside), are dumps.

But the city managers keep the pens going to authorize more and more high rise luxury apartments, condos and lofts. The plan is to get the young and childless group, who love the urban life and glitz. And they have been successful to a degree. However, the socialists running the place also want to keep the mantra of "Moneyapolis" going, by having some of the highest welfare checks in the known universe. So the underclass keeps expanding in town also. But - good luck finding a place to live when you are making $15/hour.

Hold on Bird! It seems there are protests every month by folks wanted to make $15/hour! That is a living wage! Really? Might have been forty years ago. But not today. $15/hour is only $30K every year. That will qualify you for Section 8 housing. Now, if I would be asked what is a "livable salary" today to survive in Minneapolis, I would say a bare minimum of $30/hour, or $60K every year. Even that would be very, very tight. 

What is the bottom line? Minneapolis will continue on the path it is on. It will be a two tier society living there. One for the well healed, the other for the not so much. The chances of upward mobility for the not so much crowd will be - not so much. It immigrants and ex-patriots coming here from other states are coming into an area which will be tough sledding. Sure - welfare will pay for a nice cell phone. But cars are discouraged here, and housing is almost out of the question. Net result - our homeless population keeps increasing. 

Hey Mayor Jacob - you have a big problem here, my friend. Being a sanctuary city does not help you either. For those living in Minneapolis who do not have a place to live - good luck. Like to say things will get better, but that would be a lie. 



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