Thursday, May 11, 2017

Bipartisan confusion

"Make sure when the candidates come knocking at your door you ask about these two issues. Make sure the answer is clear and crisp, and not some PC babble."

This is not a new thought. It is one I have had for a while now. There are certain issues on which I fully understand why progressives and conservatives think differently. However in Minnesota, there are two in which there should not be a shred of daylight separating the two parties. Which two? Abortion and taxing Social Security.

I can hear some of the groans already. "Is he really going to talk about abortion again? I am so sick of hearing that argument." Exactly. It should not be an argument. I am going to strip this term naked right now. No more hyperbole. No more synonyms. No more sophism. For people of faith (which should live on both sides of the political spectrum), abortion is only one thing. It is murder. Murder of the most precious and innocent among us.

A few years ago, I was behind a car which had a bumper sticker which read, "You can't be pro-choice and Catholic". I thought bingo. I am not Catholic, but I could easily substitute the word Christian in that motto. Yes, once that life is created inside a mother's womb, it is special. It is life. To end that life, is not only a legal issue, it is a moral issue. 

Yesterday, it was reported that Mark Dayton vetoed two bills which would have taken state funding out of any abortions performed. In other words, our Governor has so little respect for life that he not only believes in abortion, he thinks state tax dollars should subsidize it. Amazing. 

The other issue which should be bipartisan is the taxing of Social Security. Why? It really, really hurts seniors - badly. How badly? Enough to cause some to leave this state. Even if they have family which are close to them, they can not afford to live here solely due to this issue. They need thousands of dollars to pay tax on something which has already been taxed. This is not a Republican issue. This is not a Democrat issue. This should be a Minnesota issue, of which we can all support. 

Our Governor has gone on record by saying "the state really can't afford to not tax Social Security". Huh? How about the seniors who cannot afford to be taxed twice on the same item? How about the seniors are being driven out of this state for this one insane reason? Once again - amazing. 

In 2018, we need to continue to elect people who understand the sanctity of life. Who understand the unfairness of taxing Social Security. I am talking about all levels of state government, including the top job - our next Governor.

Make sure when the candidates come knocking at your door you ask about these two issues. Make sure the answers you get are clear and crisp, and not some PC babble. Time to change the way we do business in this state. And I know just the man who knows how to make that change happen. 

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