Friday, May 12, 2017

PC Prayers

"To quote an old Republican pundit, that prayer was a 'nothing burger'. Who were we praying to? Gaia?"

Okay. Now I have seen just about everything in the PC world. One of the reasons we left our former church is because the Synod went wacky. They chose to honor PC correctness rather than biblical teaching. Why? Inclusion. And now last February, the Pope declared that Muslim terrorism does not exist. Huh? He wants more outreach to Muslims. I suppose the next thing we will see is communal worship between Christians and Muslims. Different deities, but who cares.

Yesterday we were at a breakfast event. Now the organization which sponsored the event is not faith based, however they do have partnerships with some of the local churches. At the start of the meeting a minister came up to the podium to offer a blessing. That is fine, we do the same thing at Tea Party meetings, BPOU meetings, and district conventions. What happened next - floored me.

The minister explained that this organization serves people of all faiths. So the prayer she was going to offer was going to be somewhat different. Boy, was that an understatement! First, we were told to close our eyes and put our hands over our heart. Then with our eyes closed, imagine a thread going from our heart to the heart of the person sitting on the other side of the table. Then the thread going all around the table. And then the room. And then people who have been served. Then she said "Amen". The prayer was now over.

To quote Pat Buchanan, that prayer was a "nothing burger". Who were we praying to? Gaia? This minister would have been much better served if she said something like, "I know we are all of different faiths, so can we bow our heads and you can offer your own prayer in silence." That would have been a bit strange, but nowhere as strange as what we had.

Last night when we had guests over, before dinner I was able to offer up a blessing. Trust me, it was nothing like the "prayer" from the morning. Our prayer was to the God of Abraham. The Great I Am. The creator of everything seen and unseen. It really is as simple as that.

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