Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Minnesota's Man-Child strikes again!

"With childish behavior like this in the Governor's mansion, it should not be Al Franken wearing the diaper - it should be Dayton."   

As my wife always says when someone acts totally bizarre, "You can't make this stuff up." However, before I dissect this Man-Child, I need to take care of some business. I need to offer an apology to Al Franken. Sir, I have been most unfair to you, when I referred to you as the biggest rube our state ever produced. I was wrong. You are only the second biggest. The biggest is our Man-Child Governor, Marx Dayton.

What happened yesterday with the line item veto issue is yet one more example of not knowing what makes this man tick. He has been hounded since he left the Senate to release his medical records. And he still has not. The citizens have no clue what his mental ailment really is, and more importantly, what kinds of drugs he is using. Anyone with an honest heart on either side of the aisle has said for years this Man-Child is too sick to govern. Not only too sick, but also too immature.

So, what really happened yesterday? It started last year in 2016 when this dishonest broker VETOED a well deserved tax bill. Why? Because last year the citizens of Minnesota were overcharged on their income taxes. This resulted in a huge surplus. The Man-Child did not want to return this overcharge to the citizens. Thus, he VETOED the tax bill in 2016.

This year, the Speaker had learned his lesson from last year. To make the tax bill "veto proof", House Republicans also included funding to run the state revenue department for the next two years. So if Marx vetoed the tax bill this year, the revenue department would not be able to function. I LOVE IT!!!!

Consequently, the Man-Child used the line item veto to zero out all funding to run the legislative branch of our government for the next two years. He did however, sign the tax bill - so the Speaker's gambit worked.

What do I think the Speaker should do now? Nothing. Let the wheels fall off of Dayton's government. The Man-Child broke it, now he needs to suffer the consequences. With childish behavior like this in the Governor's mansion, it should not be Al Franken wearing the diaper - it should be Dayton.   


  1. Maybe because Jesse Ventura gave rebates and 9/11 happen and everybody jumped his case cause we were in the NEGATIVE!, so he's keeping it where it's going to benefit everyone n the long run. Now all what the GOP has to do is make sure it's implemented correctly working with each other, it would be stupid to let the Government shutdown that would hurt everyone over a partisan vendetta for VETOING a bill, please we're better than that let's use that money on infrastructure and save money for the people. Think about it pot holes car damage no potholes no car repairs, Safer bridges to make sure no more I-35 scenarios saves money. There's a lot of things that can be done in our state and it'll save everyone and builds a stronger economy.

    1. He's not smart enough. Trust me when I tell you I've known him for years!

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