Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Kill them all, let God sort them out!

"Obama would be blaming the NRA, the manufacturers of screws and nails, talk radio, or whatever. Not our new President. He has his sights set (figuratively and literally) on ISIS." 

Just when you might think things might be settling down in the War on Terror, the "losers" struck again. "Losers"? What is all this "loser" talk? We can thank our new President, Donald J. Trump. He not only refers to Islamic Terrorists as Islamic Terrorists (gasp!), he also has this new name for them. He was tempted to refer to them as monsters after yesterday's Manchester attack on the kids, but Trump thinks that is too kind. They are losers. Losers in life, and losers on their macabre decisions to end innocent life.

In the old days (during the Obama Administration), the credo of "never letting a crisis go to waste" would now be in effect. Obama would be blaming the NRA, the manufacturers of screws and nails, talk radio, or whatever. Not our new President. He has his sights set (figuratively and literally) on ISIS. 

It was right before the President left for his overseas trip. He gave the most ominous order to the Pentagon. He had to give it to General Mattis in Marine Corp jargon (so to speak) - "Kill them all, and let God sort them out!"

ISIS is to be looked at like having a pest in your house and you just called in the Orkin man. Or having cancer, and you about to get a dose of powerful chemo. General Mattis is to hunt ISIS down and kill them. Do not let them escape and go else where. Do not capture them and throw them in GITMO. Do not try and reform them. Kill them all. Every last one of them.

Wow! What a change an election makes! What we need now is for other countries to be filled with that same resolve. Prime Minister May, what say you? How about supplying some of your assets and troops to help with "project extermination". I think you owe it to the innocent children in your country who were just executed by these losers for the simple crime of seeing a concert.

The days of running to the United Nations are over. The days of writing bad guys a nasty letter are over. The days of threats are over. The days of not calling these guys out (or not even calling them by their name) are over. We are now in the days of annihilation. Of extermination. Of shoot on sight - and shoot to kill.

I don't want to sound numb, but the shock value of what this group of losers is capable of is starting to wear off. The anger however, is still there and deeper than ever. And the anger has turned into a resolve with our new President.

If you are a terrorist, pack your bags. You are about to go on a one way trip. You bought and paid for this trip by your heinous acts against humanity. I won't tell you to enjoy your trip, because you are probably not going to like what awaits you on the other side. Hint: It is not 72 virgins.



  1. Very difficult to determine who is radicalized in London or Manchester or Minneapolis, prior to their heinous acts. Tracking social media and tracking online purchases is probably the only method to predict. We will be facing this for the next several generations. Until we are out of their countries and let them sort out the problems themselves with civil wars.

  2. Probably a good thing that NATO presenters have been told to shorten there presentations to several minutes due to our leaders short attention span. They talk too much and do too little. DJT may make NATO rethink their methods and mission.