Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Governed by nincompoops in Minnesota

"Bottom line - we live in a very high spending, very high taxed state run by nincompoops. 'Should I stay or should I go?' That questions is getting easier to answer all the time."   

Many of us Minnesota seniors have a song which keeps playing in our heads. "Should I stay or should I go." Why? this state is being run by nincompoops. Sorry - was that too harsh? Let me try and frame this a bit better. Under the CEO of our state (that be Governor Marx Dayton), our state budget has gone up over 20% since he has taken office. I just checked my pensions to see if they went up over 20% in the past 6 1/2 years. Nope. In fact, they were somewhat stationary.

For years now, seniors living in this state, who have been paying confiscatory taxes their entire working career, have been railing against the unfairness of having their Social Security taxed. The response from Marx Dayton and his merry band of progressives - tough toe nails. Looking more like King Midas instead of a statesman, Dayton hugs our money which does not belong to him. Then with a wicked smile, he mutters and mumbles, "mine, Mine, MINE!"

To pay for this steep increase in the growth of Minnesota state government, Marx has found a wonderful source of income. He raised the top bracket in Minnesota up to an astounding 9.85% for single incomes over $155,650. Proud to say that bracket is the third highest in the nation. In fact, if Marx had his poop in a group, he would have raised the bracket another .05%. Then we could have beat out Oregon for the second highest in the nation. We can't touch California's however, as Moonbeam raised their top rate to 13.3%. Of course, that rate does not kick in until someone makes almost $265,000, compared to Minnesota's 155,650.

Okay - so what. Marx is soaking the rich. Is that not the primary life function of any progressive/statist? But he is also hitting up the seniors. The drugs Marx is on really jump into high gear when someone asks him about the fairness of taxing Social Security. In fact, the drugs start to affect his hearing. For example, he can't hear or understand any question about Social Security. Being a trust fund baby himself, Marx really does not need Social Security, so as far as he is concerned, the issue is moot.

If he does understand parts of the question, Marx will mumble something like, "Well, we can't afford to give that money back." Huh? Social Security taxation should be a bipartisan issue. For some reason, kool-aide drinking seniors who have been life long progressive voters, agree with Marx on this issue. Nobody on the Left seem to care we are one of a handful of states who still tax 100% of Social Security.

I won't even go into the death tax or the corporate tax. Both are outrageous. Thanks to Spendy Wendy, we still have the Minnesota Miracle formula where we dump boatloads of money into education. This year, an additional $50M of wasted dollars will be going into Pre-K. Meanwhile, the graduation rates in some Twin Cities high schools is abysmal. In Minneapolis, only 67% graduate on time. Plus, many who do graduate, have suffered through so much dumbed down curriculum, they don't know spit from Shinola.

There you have it. We have a Mayor in Minneapolis who gives the State of the City in a Mosque. The City Council in Minneapolis is made up of greenies, progressives and socialists. The Congressman from Minneapolis is a hard core leftist. And I have already addressed the Governor. Nincompoops all.

Bottom line - we live in a very high spending, very high taxed state, run by total nincompoops. "Should I go or should I stay?" That questions is getting easier to answer all the time.   

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