Monday, May 8, 2017

The end game?

"Wake up people! We need to make sure that our government pays attention to what is really important. If not, we might be playing out the end game."

If some alien from another planet abducted me and asked me to explain to explain our politics in America in 2017, I would be able to answer that question in a very few words. "Eating our young." Or, "Shooting our wounded". If the aliens would ask for proof, I would point them to the hearings taking place with Yates and Clapper today. Jeesh! What a mess!

Here you have a bunch of lawyers from both sides of the aisle (that is, except for CFA who does know his butt from a six pack of beer), trying to decide how many legal angels can dance on the head of a pin. Or to put this in more current terms, what the meaning of "is, is" (and we have Slick Willie to thank for that one). By the way, most that I know don't give (as they say out here), "two shits and a holler" about this issue.

Even though it has been determined that Russian meddling in our elections has been around since the 1960's, for some reason this one is different. Why? Donald Trump. So the parsing and sparing went on for hours at no end. And this is not over. This is only the first act, to be followed by many expensive and worthless hearings. Blah, blah, blah.

Meanwhile, what most of us in "fly over land" are most concerned with - the Norks. Are they a threat or not? Are the satellites positioned over our country an EMP threat or not? Are we in danger from them? Do they have capabilities to really hurt this country? What about this new torpedo the Iranians have developed that can go 260 MPH? Is that a danger to our fleet? 

One more time. The number one function of the federal government is to provide for the protection of the states. Period. To know that a well executed EMP strike could kill between 50% and 90% of our population during the first year after attack, should be subject #1, and priority #1. To properly assess the North Korean threat to the entire Western Pacific and the Iran threat to Israel as well as the Middle East, should be subject #1.a and priority #1.a.

This coming week, the House is one vacation. We now have (another) CR going out to the end of September. Our healthcare is still a mess. Why? ObamaCare still is the law of the land. Our tax code is nothing less than criminal with no fix in sight. And, our "War on Terror" is far from over. We are still losing young men and women almost every week. 

As we said in the Navy folks, "This is no shit for real folks!" We need to focus on what is important! There are people out there who want to end us - kill us for no reason. THAT - should be our focus!

We are whistling past the graveyard right now. Our feet are stuck in PC quicksand rather than searching the horizon for threats. Wake up people! We need to make sure that our government pays attention to what is really important. If not, we might be playing out our end game.

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