Monday, May 29, 2017

Terror's new frontier

"Much of our PC will fly out the window and I fear there will be street justice like we have not seen in many a year. We can't let that happen." 

Is it over yet? Seems like it has been going on for just about forever. This War on Terror is what I am talking about. It has become the ultimate game of Wack em' Mole. Hit one place and they pop up in another. And why? Has anyone ever determined what their ultimate objective is? When they feel they can claim victory and stop all this nonsense? I sure don't know the answer to that question.

Besides being a game of Wack em' Mole, the War on Terror is also a game of cat and mouse. Once we think we have thwarted an avenue of attack, they come up with another one. And now we are getting ready to enter a whole new frontier. Where just about everything and everyone in every place in the world is a target.

What we saw happen in Manchester this month is an example of the evolution (or devolution) of terror. Too risky to get inside a venue to set off a bomb? Just wait outside a venue until the rush of people come out when the show is over. What to really cause some serious heartache with a population? Go after their kids. The younger and more innocent the better.

General Kelly was on the talk shows yesterday. He was very frank about new rules that TSA might be implementing. Flying is about to get a whole lot more inconvenient. Because the terrorists are trying very hard to miniaturize and conceal enough explosive to fit into a lap top to bring down an airliner, Kelly is seriously considering banning lap tops from the cabin. They would have to be part of the luggage which is checked in. In fact, it might come to where very little is allowed in the cabin with the passengers. Why? It is too hard for TSA to catch everything at the screener position.  

Right after the Manchester massacre, ISIS released a phonied up tape showing a bomb going off on the Las Vegas strip during Ramadan. Why? Lots of people there, with a smorgasbord of "soft targets". And as far as targets are concerned, the softer the better. In fact, why not a day care? Go after the youngest of kids. Why would any group, no matter how callous they are, do such acts? Because they have no soul. 

General Mattis has vowed to keep hitting ISIS harder all the time. President Trump has vowed to get rid of them. From where? From Planet Earth. While our Euro buddies snicker and sneer at our President when he talks about the real threat today (no, it is not global warming), team USA is trying to fix this problem for once and for all.

I have said this since 9/11 took place. All it will take is one more serious hit on our shores from terrorists and the "ship is going to hit the sand". Much of our PC will fly out the window, and I fear there will be street justice like we have not seen in many a year. We can't let that happen. We must win this War on Terror before there is another major attack on America. And we need to meet them head on - before they establish their new frontier. 

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  1. I think you just defined the word "terror". Unthinkable acts perpetrated against unwarned innocents in soft target locations. If we should hit the streets, who would we choose to attack. Every middle eastern and northern african country produces these persons willing to give their life for causes not even clear to themselves. Get used to slogans like "we will not be deterred" and "we will not let them take our streets", etc. This is going to be a struggle you and I will not see the end of.