Thursday, April 10, 2014

Our AG and the Rule of Law


"How in the world can we expect our youth to follow the rule of law when our Government does not?"

Tuesday was an interesting day. Our hypersensitive, yet pedantic Attorney General really got his "undies in a bundle" while testifying on the Hill. It seems Louie Gohmert (R-TX) got tired of hearing his pompous routine and called the AG on his BS. The purpose of the session was to get Eric "Stonewall" Holder (as some are calling him now), to release many of documents which have been previously requested by Congress. Some of these have requested so long ago (and not delivered), Congress issued a contempt citation against the AG back in 2012.

At one point in the proceeding's, Representative Gohmert said to the AG, "I realize contempt is no big deal to our Attorney General, but it is important that we have proper oversight." And that is when the "ship hit the sand". "You don't want to go there buddy!", his majesty replied.

"Buddy?" Is that how we refer to a member of Congress? What if Louie had called the AG "buddy"? He would have been called a racist and then some on the Loony Left would have asking for his censure. Louie Gohmert, the former judge, is accustomed to working with bad apples and recalcitrant behavior. He will not be dissuaded. However, the AG's response to the rule of law is leading into a much, much bigger problem.

We also had a stabbing incident at a school in Pennsylvania. What does that have to do with the AG? Maybe nothing, maybe something. Violence in our schools and workplace is coming much too common. We are seeing an increase in flash mobs, street violence, beat downs, and on and on. Many of our streets have become as dangerous as Third World countries. Many young people have no respect for the authority of their parents, teachers, or law enforcement.

My theory is very simple. Young people model after leaders or whomever is perceived to be a leader. When our Attorney General publicly states that the issue behind Congress is race, and not his refusal to follow the law, young people will see the deck stacked against them.

Our system of governance was set up in a deliberate fashion for many reasons. One of the most critical was checks and balance. When our President starts acting more like a Monarch by ignoring Congress, that is a huge problem. When our AG decides he does not need to follow the rule of law, that is almost a bigger problem. The AG is supposed to be the number one law enforcer in the land, not someone who is being investigated all the time for ignoring the law. 

So Mr. President and Mr. Attorney General, for the sake of the children, please be the leaders we all need you to be. Actions have consequences, and all we need to do is look to the streets to see the consequences of not following the rule of law.  

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