Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Race Baiting in America


"With the door open to do so much good, his actions made him a pariah instead..."

Today is one of those days I need to have one cup of coffee and two cups of grace. I am very tempted to really unleash on a few people who continue to do our great country great harm by race baiting. What happened yesterday to Donald Sterling may give many pleasure, but it gives me sadness. Not that I condone for one second his egregious behavior - I don't. It saddens me it ever got to this point.

Many don't know this, but Donald Sterling is also a minority - he is a Jewish American. Over the years, many Jewish Americans have had their share of racial discrimination - it is called anti-Semitism. I have no time for anti-Semitism, just like I have no time for other racial slurs. I have said before, we are all God's children and each of us has immense value in His eyes.

Donald Sterling was born in Chicago under the name Donald Tokowitz. He is the child of Jewish immigrants. As an adult, he changed his last name to Sterling. He was very blessed in his life, and amassed vast quantities of money. He is part of the American success story. A poor kid from Chicago who made it big in this country. Living large in LA. Big time owner of an NBA team. So many opportunities to really make a difference, to leave a positive legacy. Now, he will only be remembered as a race baiter. Very sad indeed.

Unfortunately, this week's story of race bating gets even worse. Mississippi Congressman Bennie Thompson was on a New Nation of Islam radio show. While on the show, he called Justice Clarence Thomas a "Uncle Tom". He then called Minority Leader McConnell a racist as well as anyone who disagrees with ObamaCare. Where is the outrage with those statements? Covered up by the media, once again.

Some might say that Congressman Thompson has a First Amendment privilege to say such things. Others might say he stepped over the line and should be recalled. My questions is simply this - is what Congressman Thompson said any better or any worse than what Donald Sterling said? Sterling got his butt handed to him, and Thompson received a pass.

Regardless of what our Attorney General believes, race sensitivity starts within each of us. We are our own gatekeeper, our own censor. Words mean things - they can cut, and they can hurt. They can hurt our country. The only race that should matters is the human race. In this country, we are all equal - we do not have a caste system. We need to start treating each other as such.

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