Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Tipping Point


"One toke over the line sweet Jesus, one toke over the line-
Sittin' downtown at a railway station, one toke over the line"
Brewer and Shipley
One Toke over the Line

On Sunday morning, I usually try to write an article on faith or something transformational. I will pass on that this morning as so much has happened this week, I can't let it go until Monday.

A few years ago, Glenn Beck predicted that in the very near future we were going to reach a tipping point in our country. He also said many would have a hard time recognizing our country as the America we grew up with. Even though he was ridiculed and made fun of by many people as well as his employers at Fox News and CNN, history might be proving him correct. The news this past week revealed a landscape of trouble, much of which is constructed by an intrusive government with a growing disdain for the rule of law.

This past week, I believe we came within a whisker of major social unrest in our country. If it had happened, it would have ended badly, and had far reaching ramifications for many of us. I am talking about the Bundy Ranch and the BLM. This entire thing is shrouded both in mystery and half truths from the Federal Government. Who from the Federal Government was involved? The BLM, Harry Reid, and armed law enforcement numbering over a hundred for starters.

The thought that went through my mind when this started developing was simply this - Ruby Ridge or Waco all over again. Neither of those ended well, and the controversy surrounding Waco still haunts the Janet Reno legacy. The difference this time with the Bundy Ranch, is we are so close the tipping point. Many patriots heard the clarion call to arms coming from this remote area in Nevada. Some said this was going to be it - the spark which starts the second American revolution. Many citizens are armed and fed up.

How in the world do we get to this point? The answer it seems is not that complicated. It comes from a reversal of roles in our government, whether it is Federal, State, or Local. Once the owner becomes the owned, our Constitution becomes meaningless. We have seen our Federal Government spy on us, use our taxing authority to intimidate and subvert us, and this week, attempt to illegally seize land and property.

Our State Government is just as bad. It continues to use an unelected entity called the Met Council to control how we live, where we live, and how we will get around. Their power is implicit and growing. They will get their bidding even if the mayor of our largest city does not want light rail tunnels dug in her city. If the Met Council has their way, by 2040 many of us will be living vertically in a large cities, absent of cars with only light rail to get around. And if we don't want that kind of lifestyle? "Tough toenails" say the master planners.

There is a monster on the loose in our land. Our Constitution, which one of our liberal Supreme Court Justices believes to be "flawed", was set up (along with our Bill of Rights) to keep our great country from devolving into a monarchy supported by serfs and subjects. Our President, who is rumored to have taught Constitutional Law, seems to have forgotten the first lesson in the 101 class. We are citizens, not subjects, and demand to be treated as such. Our government(s) are here to serve us, not visa versa.

So was Beck right? Are we at the tipping point? Are we close to that one toke over the line? If in your prayers, you wonder who or what to pray for, you can start with our great country. With the tail now wagging the dog, the dog is starting to tip. 

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