Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Sad State of our State (Department)


"Hey! I thought the Bobbsey Twins were supposed to be make believe!

Those of us who have worked have all seen it. Someone within the group really knew how to "play the game". They dressed right, they got in early, stayed late, knew how to talk to the boss. Most everyone higher up thought that person was wonderful. However, those that worked with that person knew the real secret - they did not produce squat.

Okay - I will say it. Hillary Clinton and John Kerry are the two worst Secretary of States we have had in our nation's history. Period. Like a "poser" in the work place, they both talk a good story. They jet all over, meet with lots of people. However at the end of the day, the world is a mess and getting messier.

For example:
  • Libya - EVERYONE who has a pulse and is honest knows Hillary is dirty on Benghazi. Libya is a mess and it is just a matter of time before the Islamic Rebels turn the government into a Mecca of Sharia Law. The same could be true to Egypt and Syria. Progress to date - negative.
  • West Bank - While our State Department continues to chide our former ally Israel for building LEGAL settlements, both Clinton and Kerry have turned a deaf ear when ILLEGAL rockets come crashing down on innocents in Israel. Progress to date - zip.
  • North Korea - The little bully must have been left out of the latest "Bully Bill". He continues to stir up trouble and act towards South Korea in the most provocative manner. Whom does he fear? Not us. The State Department's best ambassador, Dennis Rodman, could not even make inroads. Progress to date - horrible.
  • China - aka, our banker is also not behaving. Without the world's policeman having a strong presence in the Western Pacific, China is looking for a land grab on disputed territory with Japan. Our Statement Department has wagged their finger at our banker and then promised to send another warship to the Japanese Navy in a few years. Meanwhile, China continues to build a powerful blue water Navy. Progress to date - a standstill.
  • Russia - I can't even begin here. The "Bear" is now in his glory. Someone on the news said, "Putin acts while Obama ponders". This Judo loving ex-KGB officer really seems to have not only our State Department, but also our Commander in Chief "cowed". Yesterday, we had one of newer Destroyers, armed to the teeth, buzzed by a Russian jet in the Black Sea. In the old days, the skipper would have opened up a VLS hatch and put a missile lock on this bad boy. Today, we told the Russians they are "unprofessional". Meanwhile, Kiev struggles to hold on against a more probable invasion. Progress to date - catastrophic.
Like Fox News, I do try to be somewhat balanced. If someone knows of something the State Department has done worth a flying whatever, please let me know. In these days of "global warming" all the Bobbsey Twins have done in put a whole lot of carbon in our air from flying all over, doing nothing.

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