Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Dawning of New America


"It is morning again in America!"
President Ronald Reagan
1984 Presidential Campaign

I remember when I was much younger listening to a renowned social critic/commenter discuss his craft. I remember him saying this - "Pay attention to what the people are saying. Not the media or politicians, but the everyday people." And that is exactly what I have been doing.

Some say the sky is always darkest before sunrise. I am seeing, or sensing a real renaissance in our country. A dawning if you will. Much of it is thanks to our current President and the people who work under or support him. Not too long ago, I wrote about "the tipping point". I believe we are here. No longer frogs in slowing boiling water, no longer death by a thousand cuts, there is a great awakening in our land.

To sense this awakening, you must first filter out the noise which comes from the media and the Administration. You must listen to the people. Listen to your neighbors, your co-workers, the people you go to church with. Listen to the total strangers you happen to bump into at the store. Without hearing the words, you will sense a collective, "We are better than this!" Or, "We are mad as hell and are not going to take it anymore!"

What are people doing? For starters, they are becoming self-educated in our country's history. Our country's founding and our founding documents. Much of the tort in government is antithetical to the Federalist Papers, the Constitution and the Amendments thereto. Some on the Left are just fine with that. Some in the middle don't know or worse, just don't care. However, many of us do care. And we are the people who want to take our country back. This is our country, bequeathed to us by generations before us. Given to us through love, honor and duty. Paid for by the precious blood, sweat and tears of our parents and grandparents.

So in a perverted way, I would like to thank our President, our Attorney General, HHS, IRS, NSA and the list goes on. Through their maleficence of government, they have been the cold water in the face many of us have needed. We no longer have the time for social apathy - we need to set the table for our kids in the same manner as our table was set for us. Hope will replace hopelessness. Faith will replace idolatry. Love will replace indifference. Resolve will once again replace complacency.

Yes, as President Reagan once told us, it is morning again in America. Stop and listen - you will be able to hear it, sense it, and then see it. From the ranches in Nevada, to the golden grains of our heartland, people want to reclaim what is rightfully ours. Part of the sleeping giant has started to awaken. We can only hope and pray the rest will follow.

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