Friday, April 25, 2014

The DANGERS of the Met Council


"What do you mean it is not a 'Den of Thieves'? It sure acts like one!"

This must be a first for the Very Angry Bird. I have never addressed the same topic twice in one week. However, this "evil and corrupt empire", aka the Met Council, needs to be exposed. I will continue to address additional issues on Thrive 2040, LRT, or whatever else that comes to light that the Met Council is involved in.

One of things I learned yesterday from listening to a morning radio talk show was nothing less than stunning. This liberty robbing plan, this cousin of Agenda 21, this monster known as Thrive 2040, is mandated to be updated only once every ten years! That ten year period sunsets before our current governor leaves office! Whatever this local Agenda 21 plan looks like once it is fully cooked, we are stuck with it for ten years, regardless of which party controls the Governor's office.

Is there any hope? A slim one at best. The only chance to fix or kill Thrive 2040 is to CHANGE THE LAW, by winning back the House, the Senate and the Governor's seat. We need to change the law and eliminate the Met Council. If we do not, we will all be stuck with the vile treachery Thrive 2040 has embedded within it.

This Den of Thieves has come a long way since they only were able to coordinate septic systems in the metro area. The biggest bone headed mistake by far, was when our legislature gave the Met Council authority over our transportation systems. Net result - we are now the 16th most traffic congested major metropolitan area. Our congestion was up 17% from 2012 to 2013 and commuters spend an additional 14% on the roads. Sure is nice to see how the LRT and Northstar are taking so many cars off the roads.

Speaking of rail, both the LRT and Northstar continue to need subsidies to survive. And to boot, the Northstar had a terrible "on time" record last winter due to weather and the increase of oil cars shipping product from North Dakota and Canada. And because "President Bystander" again put off the XL Keystone Pipeline, expect no improvement soon.

Knowing that our transportation systems is bad and getting worse, what do you think the Met Council is going to do about it? Nothing. Na-da, zip, zero. We are going to (finally) finish Highway 610 so it hooks up with I-94. After that, no new roads are planned - until at least 2040. By that time we should all be needing to leave for work at 4am and arriving back home at 8pm.

In addition, and this is the real kicker - less than 10% of people live in the suburbs and work downtown. And that number keeps getting smaller. Target is moving more people out of it's downtown headquarters to the new and expanded complex in Brooklyn Park. TCF just announced it is moving to the western suburbs. Knowing all this does not matter to this group of statists who run the Met Council. They want ALL working and living downtown, whether we want to or not!

Living on acreage in Anoka County was once considered pristine. Now the Met Council considers it to be "unsustainable", or unfair. The American dream needs to be replaced with something out of Orwell or Huxley. We are to accept our new role of subjects and renounce our positions as citizens. We will be thrown into the urban environment along with the problems associated with it. It will be trading life for existence.

The expression "elections have consequences" has become almost trite. It should not be. Because of the apathy of four million voters who voted for McCain in 2008 and decided to stay home in 2012, we ended up with the second term of the worst president in recent history. Because we insisted on a needless purity test for our candidate in the 2010 governor's race, we ended up with a third party candidate which handed the election over to a very flawed candidate. As the President's pastor has said, "the chickens have come home to roost".

We have only one hope left. As Governor Christy has said, "You can't govern if you don't win". We need to win, and win big this fall. Across the board, we need to run the board. If you don't like our endorsed candidate, tough toe nails. Fratricide has not worked out well for us in the past. Be active, be informed, get out the vote. Spread the word on what is coming, both nationally and on the state level.

Our call needs to be a simple one - "Victory in November! No more, no less".

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