Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Women and Bullies


The Bully Bill and the Equal Pay for Women Bill are like passing more gun laws. Why now just enforce the laws we have now?"

All right - you got me. What do women and bullies have in common? Usually, not too much. However, yesterday the latest battle concerning the phony "War on Women" took place in Washington. By a coincidence, the equally phony "Bully Bill" passed the DFL House and is ready "for you know" who to sign it into law.

First the "Bully Bill". Really? I have no idea how I made it through high school without this type of legislation being in place. The already sky high price of publically educating each student will go up again due to this phony new law. There will be training, oversight, reports, more training, staff augmentation, more training, and so on.

Back in my day, if you were a bully, a couple things would happen. First, most kids would consider you a jerk and the bully would be ostracized. Second, the old saying "no matter how tough you are, there is always someone tougher" would come to reality. Every bully would see his (or her) day.

I was bullied when I was young. My parents would tell me that I would always be bullied until I learned how to stick up for myself. The day I clocked our neighborhood bully was indeed a proud one for my parents. It changed my life. It gave me a sense of confidence that I still carry today. Again, every bully will see his (or her) day.

In Washington yesterday, our "Campaigner in Chief" had yet another "dog and pony show" to address the miscarriage of justice resulting from the imbalance in gender pay scales. The only problem is this - we already have very stiff laws on the books to prevent this discrimination. How current are those laws? Every government contract I signed from the time I started working out of college to when I retired, had and EEO and/or an Affirmative Action clause in it. If the government found out there were different wage scales for equal work due to sex or race differences, the company could be in boo coo trouble.

I can honestly say in my lifetime, I have NEVER met anyone who said men should be paid more than woman (for equal work) just because. The same is true for race. Again, if someone had promoted wage discrimination in any company I worked for, that person would be look upon as a pariah. Besides not being liked very much, that person would also have a very short career.

In a world where we have some real, and very large problems, I am glad we can focus on minutia such as these two items. I have said this before - both our Governor and our President are way overmatched for the jobs they are in. With the Peter Principle in full effect, they have both sunk to their level of incompetence.

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