Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Energizer Bunny


"He never quits. Both campaigns are long over, but he thinks he is still on the trail..."

I really would like to write about something else during the week, but our "Campaigner in Chief" always gives me so much material to work with. Yesterday, he was at it again. This time "voter's rights". It seems those "Rascally Republicans" continue to put up road blocks to keep dead and illegal people from voting numerous times in the same election.

Yesterday on Fox News, someone did a segment on our national debt and how it continues to go up like a Roman Candle. Seems like just yesterday we eclipsed the $17T mark, and now we are over half way through the next trillion to get to $18T. Who cares? The Energizer Bunny has us once again talking about Lilly Ledbetter and income inequality. And whose fault is it that this phony issue is so unjust? Once again, the "Rascally Republicans".

We also marked the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights bill by going to the Most Reverend Sharpton's hideout and bemoaning the fact the Attorney General as well as the President are "treated differently" than previous people in those positions. DOG WHISTLE ALERT - (that means the race card was played). Only the lap dog press and low information voters have bought into this one. And who are the ones doing the mistreating the most? Why the "Rascally Republicans" in Congress of course!

Those who pay attention, those who can read the stitching on fast ball, understand what is really going on. For example:
  • Voter Fraud - John Fund of the WSJ wrote a book on this issue a few years ago. Minnesota was cited as an example in the Al Franken illegal victory. Voter fraud is rampant in this country, especially in larger cities where unbiased election judges are hard to come by. Voter ID is not the total cure, but an excellent way to start. According to the Energizer Bunny, it is nothing but voter suppression. Of course, the Energizer Bunny comes from the "vote early and vote often" town of Chicago.
  • Income Disparity - Equal pay for equal work has been the law of the land since I first started working. If an employer is violating that law, that employer should be fined and remedy given to that employee. It is like making more gun laws. If we enforced what is on the books right now, we would all be safer. It is not the Republican's fault there if there is income disparity, it is the Attorney General for not enforcing the law.
There are more, but time is not my friend this morning. Fodder for a future article. My point is simply this - we need the Energizer Bunny to get off the trail and back into the office. Stop painting the Republicans as the "Boogie Man", and learn to work with them. The country is a mess, the world is an ever more dangerous place, and we no longer have time for "Alinsky" like games. Leave the red herring in the water and focus on doing the job you ran for.

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