Friday, March 24, 2017

A hard rain's a-gonna fall

"What does this mean? For those who love to serve, this is your sweet spot. The churches need to really become the churches again. God centered, bible believing, people serving organizations."

Thank you Bob Dylan. I am going to borrow the title from one of your best songs for this article. However this has nothing to do with music from 1962. This has everything to do with what is coming down the road for the least of us. The down trodden. The ones who really can't afford anymore misery in their lives. And I think it is coming this year.

A few days ago, I penned an article about Filling Buckets. It had to do with the federal government and the state government getting ready to "right size" the buckets of money they will be using from now on. In other words, how much money in the federal bucket should be shifted down to the state bucket. And then the state would determine how much does not belong in the its bucket. Sooner or later, the money to take care of the needy in our communities will rest mostly within the community itself - not the government.

For people like me, I shout "Hooray" at the top of my lungs! Why? This is the way it is supposed to be. The way it used to be. Not that I want anyone to suffer - I don't. However, if it is true we are all our brother's keeper (and I believe it is true), our communities are ground zero. It is us who should be taking care of us - not the government. They can't even screw in a light bulb the right way. 

What does this mean? For those who love to serve, this is your sweet spot. The churches need to once again become the churches of old. God centered, bible believing, people serving organizations. No more lukewarm, new age, PC nonsense. We all need to practice Matthew 25:40 both in our churches and then we go out into our communities.

As conservatives, we have begged the government to get out of our knickers. Now that they are, we need to show the world we are indeed our brother's keeper. And - we can do it much, much better than any government can!

Get ready folks. The cuts are coming. They are coming in both federal and state budgets. This is not the time to wail and gnash our teeth. These are the days to celebrate. The government might finally be on a diet. What do we do? Get our serve on. Help each other. It is the right thing to do. 

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