Tuesday, March 21, 2017

A star might be (re) born!

"Today was different. I think a real star might have been born (or maybe re-born). If this is what Lindsey Graham is capable of, more please. Much, much more."  

Now I will be the first to admit that I am not a Lindsey Graham fan. He and John McCain have been two GOP peas in the same pod. Both Graham and McCain have strong military backgrounds. McCain was Navy and Graham was Air Force. Both retired at the rank of O-6. Graham is a lawyer, McCain is not. And that is all I will say about these two Senate "mavericks".

All that being said, I am now going to laud a ton of praise on the senior Senator from South Carolina. I took some time to work inside today (still trying to put the house back together after the furniture delivery yesterday). As such, I had the Neil Gorsuch confirmation hearings on the television. Shortly after I turned it on, it was Senator Graham's turn to question Judge Gorsuch. But first, the good Senator took a minor detour.

He took the Democrats to the woodshed. He chided them for making such a fuss out of Judge Garland - and yes, each one of them did. They were whining like little kids. However, his fire was not aimed at the judge. Graham said Garland is a fine man and probably would have voted for him. But then he quoted (from the record) Joe Biden and Harry Reid on why it is not appropriate for an outgoing President to nominate someone to fill an SCOTUS opening in the last year of his term. And that is exactly what Obama did. Seems the goose and gander are different birds after all.

Then he blasted the Party of Donkeys for being recalcitrant every time a Republican nominated a judge - for the Supreme Court or otherwise. And Lindsey was not just carpet bombing (a term I will use due to his Air Force background) - he had facts and figures to back up his assertions. ESPECIALLY, during the Bush years, when the Party of Donkeys really acted more like the Party of Asses. 

But he saved the best for last. He talked about when in 2013 (just a few scant years ago), then Senator Reid (known to some as Dingy Harry), changed the Senate rules to allow for a simple majority to rule in approving judicial picks. This was the dreaded "nuclear option".

Senator Graham said he hated it when it happened. He knew it would forever change the way the Senate operated. What Graham was really doing was putting the Party of the Donkey on notice. We can either confirm Judge Gorsuch using the old fashioned way of a super majority of 60 votes - or we can use the Harry Reid "nuclear option" way, and confirm Gorsuch with a simple majority. Bottom line - elections have consequences, and one way or the other, Neil Gorsuch is going on the bench.

I have heard Senator Graham many times pontificating from the Well of the Senate. I have seldom been impressed, and more often disappointed. Today was different. I think a real star might have been born (or maybe re-born). If this is what Lindsey Graham is capable of, more please. Much, much more.  

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  1. Graham is the same man who believes Manafort's contacts with the Ukraine despot President who ran back to the Kremlin, which aided/colluded with candidate Trump during 2016 campaign.