Wednesday, March 15, 2017

How bout dem taxes, hey?

"However the winner for the Scrooge contest is our almost President ALGORE. That cheap son of a gun in 1997 gave a parsimonious $350 to charity out of a combined income of almost $200,000."

Oh crap. It did not work very well. We were supposed to get the "big surprise" out of seeing the Donald's taxes. Like maybe some of his reported income came from Moscow. Or through the trickery of paying high skilled tax attorneys, he only paid only 4% taxes on his income. Or he had huge "losses" which showed he could not manage his money. 

We did find out President Trump paid $38M in taxes on income of $150M in 2005. That is better than most Presidents or candidates have done in quite a while - maybe ever. President Trump might have paid even more than the "holier than thou" Warren Buffet. But speaking only for myself, I don't care. I really don't. As far as how President Trump filed was legal, I could care what his percentage of income paid is. I am however, a bit of a voyeur when it comes to looking at part of the tax form that any politician files.

What would that be? Charitable contributions. It is a peek into the person's heart. What they are made of. For example, President Obama is looked upon favorably, as he gave 15% to charity in 2015. But let's look back a few years. In 2005, he gave 4.6%. In 2004, he gave 1.2%. In 2003, he gave 1.4%. And in 2002, he gave a whopping .4%. But the story gets better from here.

In ten years of giving, the Bidens (who are in VERY good shape financially), gave an unbelievable $3,690 to charity. No - that is not a misprint. Joe and Dr. Jill Biden gave an average of less than $400/year for 10 years. Compare that with George W. Bush. He NEVER gives less than 10% of what he and Laura made. Never.

However, the winner for the Scrooge contest is our "almost President", ALGORE. That cheap son of a gun in 1997 gave a parsimonious $350 to charity out of a combined income (he and Tipper) of almost $200,000. In know, I know - the Clintons gave quite a bit more to charity - their own. Please - give me a break.

So Rachael Mad Cow- do you really want to start looking at tax returns? Our side can do that also. We have the evidence to show many Democrats are tighter than bark on a tree. So go after the Donald if you want. You might not like what you are looking for. But we will.


  1. I'm not sure giving money to your own foundation to support your own business should be considered charitable.

  2. Bush, Clinton and Trump all load up their own foundations