Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Low tech and soft targets

 "Time to take this stuff seriously. Before it is too late."

I think I might have told this story before. Years ago, I was watching something on television about "the perfect murder". How one could do away with someone and get away with it. You simply have to by a frozen piece of meat (of a good size and weight), beat someone to death with it, and then put the meat in the oven. Once it was cooked, enjoy the meal. You just ate the evidence.

Of course that was probably more tongue in cheek than real. But there was a point. If you really want to kill someone, there are countless ways to do it. The problem is not the weapon used, it is the evil in the heart. Many murders can be very low tech - like choking or drowning someone. 

This morning (our time) in London there was yet another terror attack. And it used a low tech weapon against a soft target. Am I surprised? Not a bit. The terrorists have told us they were going to attack us this way. What ever it takes against targets which are the easiest. I know - some of the naive progressives will find this hard to believe. That someone could actually get in a vehicle and mow down innocent pedestrians. Well Mayor Hodges, they have and they will again. Maybe even in your city of Minneapolis. 

Some will say it is virtually impossible to stop attacks such as this one. That is partially true. However, you can cut down the odds. You can cut down the odds by making sure people who are in this country are suppose to be in this country. You can cut down the odds by making sure that people are not totally defenseless (hello carry permits). You can cut down the odds by doing deep vetting of people coming into this country from places which have shaky or non-existing governments.

It is time to wake up Europe. Oh yes - and America also. Wake up and smell the gunpowder. You might not want to be at war with Islamic Terrorists, but they want to be at war with you. Time to take this stuff seriously. Before it is too late.

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