Saturday, March 18, 2017

Not a sexy Rexy....

"Just as Donald Trump is no Barack Obama, Rex Tillerson is no John Kerry (thank goodness!)." 

We were told after the election, that there would soon be a new sheriff in town. And our new sheriff is making quite a splash. People in our government as well as people in governments outside our shores, are learning how to deal with a POTUS who is hard to predict. That is, his behavior is hard to predict at times. However, as far as focusing like a laser beam on his campaign promises, he is rock solid. But don't spend all your time looking at how President Trump is doing. I think the man to also watch is our new Secretary of State.

Just as Donald Trump is no Barack Obama, Rex Tillerson is no John Kerry (thank goodness!). Even though many Democrats were strongly opposed to having this "oil man" be our next SoS, Donald Trump saw something in Rex Tillerson which was special. He could trail blaze for a new type of SoS in the future. And in my opinion, he is trail blazing right now.

For someone who has never been in government, I really like the way President Trump is taking on the North Korea issue. First he sends Secretary of Defense Mattis over there to "take the cover off the brick" before he sends the message. What message? The Norks are on thin ice if they continue down the path they are on. Then our Secretary of State goes over there. One might this that a SoS would soften up the harsh message sent by the Secretary of Defense. Nope. He gave it to them again - in spades.

In so many words he directed the message like an arrow pointed at Pyongyang. We are done talking. No more until you give up all your weapons of mass destruction. Plus, due to your truculent actions against your neighbors, all options (for us) are on the table - including military. 

By the way, just for the record, I need to clarify something. Jim Mattis does not want war with North Korea. Rex Tillerson does not want war. Believe it or not, Donald Trump does not want war either. The vast majority serving in the military as well as those who have served in the past do not want war. War is a losing proposition. Even the victors leave the battlefield with loses, some visible, some not. No, the vision that President Trump has for this country does not include a war with anyone.

That being said, Donald Trump, Jim Mattis, Rex Tillerson, John Kelly (Homeland Security), and other in the new Administration want a strong America. Peace through strength, just like under Ronald Reagan. As Rick Nelson from the Ozzie and Harriet show would tell people after he became an expert in the martial arts, "I am a nice guy who can be tough".

So bravo Secretary Tillerson! Keep up the good work. It is so nice to have plain talkers once again in our government. No more lawyer type gobblety gook. No more, "Depends what the meaning of is, is". Welcome to the fray Mr. Tillerson! Glad to have you on the team. This man is not a "sexy Rexy" - this is tough and fair man who understands how the world works.

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